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"Home Yoga Practice is Underrated" I said to T'ai Chi Teacher

Monday, March 04, 2013

Sam Weinstein commented on Breaking up with Your Yoga Teacher: The Yoga Teacher's Point of View. - elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality.:

in a comment, says:

RE: Breaking up with your yoga teacher
"At our Yoga school we have a long standing practice of an open door and no guilt. This enables the student that searches out other methods or schools to not be to embarrassed to come back if they find out the grass was not greener or to just check in for an occasional visit. In fact we have found a student may disappear for years even say 15 years and then come back and truly ready to commit to the yoga and the body.
This keeps guilt and embarrassment from blocking there return and or to encourage them in the practice of yoga where ever they go. Yes you still get the student that tries to kill mommy or daddy by blaming the teacher for the departure and yes that can hurt. You can also not expect to never come into conflict with a student. That can be part of life. But being guilt free and an open door both ways truly helps
Sam Weinstein Home of Yoga Mosman Park Western Australia "

At-home cardio in the house--mostly Belly Dance Aerobics (at this writing), speaking in this blog. At this point, a former regular primarily at-home yoga practitioner.

I have the muscle-type to prove it now. Lengthy arm muscles engendered of the lightest isotonic work. Legs very slender now, with lengthy quads.

If I had the time to post a streak, I would have earned a sparkstreak already.

But diabetes mellitus Type 2 (not the mildest case coming in), changed all the yoga practice, both in quantity and actual ability ... getting nearly uncontrollable muscle cramps and falling out of postures at home alone is a bit scary ... we are not talking hyper-advanced postures here.

However, I have pride in what has gone before.

While I'd been registering for my Indian dance class at The Nameless Studio, I was listening to the business manager speak to a new yoga student (on a monthly unlimited Special intro pass, which comes in about just under 4 times the price of my one-hour dance class (and even that is a Special) ...

I waited until the student had left the studio.

I said I didn't want to say anything, but I reminded this business manager, that she shouldn't have agreed with the new student that doing yoga at home was so bad, as the student told her she felt it was. HOME YOGA PRACTICE IS UNDERRATED.

[Obviously, I'm not as hard-line as I used to be .. I used to sort of be looking for "converts" to home practice ...]

Well, as it so happens, the substitute T'ai Chi teacher - arriving very early before his upcoming class to teach that day - overheard me talking about my opinions, and asked me why I felt it had not been necessary or even sufficient to be [in euphemism here] continuously and constantly "sharing my yoga practice" with others.

I laid it on the line, and said that with my schedule and my finances, it was the only way for me to go. When the studio former owner had not appreciated that--and actually practically all accept The Yoga Teacher to the Future Yoga Rock Stars--tried to discourage that--this T'ai Chi teacher then continued as to why I didn't consider coming back to taking yoga at The Nameless ... different teachers, etc. It HAS been two years and nine months since I'd last been a customer--in blue pixel on blue- white background on their computer screen ...

I said I did run into loads of flak about this, that they don't teach my preferred style of yoga, and that I had nothing to prove to anybody. "Do I have to prove that I could stand on my head?!" ... I exclaimed.

[Of course, I would not literally try to stand on my head now in my ISCHEMICALLY diseased condition, but that is a point of rhetoric at this point.]

So, he realized what I was getting at, and with the implicit and explicit sprituality of each of the two disciplines ... he agreed that yoga studios have to make money,

and ... all-in-all it pays to be a softer line on this ..

I told him he seems like a very good T'ai Chi teacher, and to teach a great class, like I know he would.

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    it all walks hand in hand doesnt it ? improves your mind and body spirt . good job .
    1902 days ago
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