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Needing some help :(

Monday, March 04, 2013

I am really struggling....I don't know what my problem is but I seem to have great weeks and then totally bomb on the weekends. I am trying SO hard to not give up and maintain a positive attitude but when I'm not seeing any change and I can't even seem to keep myself on track it seems hopeless :( I have been reading and watching as many success stories as I can....I need some encouragement and any advice anyone is willing to give. I just really don't want another month to go by without anything to show for it. :(
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    i have been going backwards on some of my goal but i am making small improvements that i hope to make into new habit.
    1934 days ago
    I feel the exact same way. Each day is a new day. We can get right back on track and not look back at those bad days. You can do it!
    1934 days ago
    If your schedule allows it, I would suggest exercising on the weekends. When I go to the gym, no matter what day it is, I tend to watch my eating more carefully, since I don't want to blow all the good I just did. It's a way to stop myself from throwing caution to the wind on the weekends. Maybe that will work for you!
    1935 days ago
    Thank you everyone for all your suggestions and support! I do try to not keep anything "junky" in the house...but honestly I will eat whatever I can when I'm "giving up" it is definitely something I am working on! The lack of control and planning is killing me so I have made a goal to stay within my cal range EVEN on the weekend....if I am on the higher end so be it but I do NOT want to go above!!! Thanks again, you are all amazing!!!
    :) Here is to an awesome day!!!
    1935 days ago
  • AME4IT
    What are you doing (or not doing) on the weekends that you arent doing during the week? Is it the business of the week that allows you no downtime to snack? If so, maybe you need a list of things to do besides mindless snacking. I'm in and out of ruts all the time and I have found that posting a list on the fridge and/or pantry door help me decide whether I'm truly needing a snack or just bored and need something to do.
    1935 days ago
    Routine for me is a huge factor on the weekends try to keep your eating schedule as close to your weekday schedule as possible. Keep plenty of healthy snack options available since your more likely to mindlessly snack when your home all day and remember that its ok to eat "bad" foods sometimes just watch your portions splurging a little on the weekends won't hurt you if you keep it in control, a slice of pizza isn't going to make you gain weight but a whole pizza probably will :) Also make sure your drinking enough water over the weekend! Don't forget about the March challenge and remember to do your scheduled cardio bursts everday, weekends too! Keep moving and you'll see those results! Most importantly don't give up!
    1935 days ago
    I'm with you- weekends are the hardest time for me as well, because that's when I lose my routine. For example, Friday night I went to a benefit dinner, and Saturday night some of our friends invited us to dinner. When I lose the ability to control what food I eat for dinner, I also tend to lose my ability to portion. Then I tend to feel like the day is a waste, the weekend is a waste, and I might as well eat what I want.
    I just have to keep getting right back on it on Monday. Watching "Biggest Loser" on Monday nights has helped motivate me for the week.
    1935 days ago
    Is it that you eat out on the weekends? Do you have snack type food that is loaded with calories that you can't stop eating? That's what happened with me this weekend. We ate out twice, once for my son's birthday and another time after a game. I did eat more than I should have, but not like what I used to eat! I am making better choices just by coming to SP. I also bought cookies and snacks for my son's birthday weekend. I had gotten to where I never even bought that stuff, so if it wasn't in the house I couldn't eat it! Well, I had some this weekend! I weighed this morning, and I had gained. I can't let that get me off track for the rest of my life though. I am starting a new day with new choices today.
    I know what works for me-- just not having it in my house! That may not be realistic all of the time, but I still struggle with moderation. I have to find a point where i can say a little bit is within my calories for the day- i'm not there yet. I don't need the temptation, and my family doesn't need the junk either.
    Can you just not have whatever it is that you are eating in the house?
    Can you find a healthier alternative to whatever it is that you are snacking on?
    Can you find a way to get in more exercise to burn those extra calories that you are taking in on the weekend?
    Just ideas that I need to work on too! Let me know how you do and what you come up with! I need help too!
    1935 days ago
    I'm with Tatter, what's your plan and what makes weekends different from your week? Are you restricting yourself from foods? Either way, you are doing great if you are making healthy choices 5 days out of the 7 instead 0-7. You WILL do this I know it! Onederland is calling you lol
    1935 days ago
    This may be your stick with it as tight as possible during the week and then just be reasonable on the weekends. Do you know what your triggers are? Do you know what time of day you run into probs or what you're doing differently on the weekends with your diet that you skip on weekdays. It's all in the long term planning. But just a step at a time! Keep Sparkin'!!!
    1935 days ago
    It's important to realize that you are making progress, even if you cannot see it or it doesn't seem to be happening fast enough. Try and find how many calories it takes to maintain your weight for the weekends, this way instead of going over you can still eat more but not sabotage any previous days. I think there is a calculator online.

    This is how I have done it since I started my journey. I go low calorie all week long, then on the weekends, I kick it up to my maintenance calories, which for me is 2,300. On Monday, I get back to it! works great for me and I think it will help you allot!

    Remember that healthy choices will not always be 100% perfect but the closer you can get to it, the better!

    Have a great week!

    1936 days ago
  • ZRIE014
    do not let it get you down. just think where you want to go and keep on track. best wishes.
    1936 days ago
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