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All tripped up: Ouch my head hurts!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Just when I’m starting to get back in the swing of things, I have to go and fall right on my head. Ouch.

Okay, it wasn’t really that bad of a fall, I caught my foot on a phone wire while looking out a window and when I went to walk away, boom, I’m flat on my back on the floor.

The strange thing is that somehow I ended up facing the opposite direction as I was walking, so I can only imagine I did some quick little maneuver to avoid falling straight forward and landing on my face.

The landing was on a soft carpet thankfully, but wow, do I ever have a headache anyway.

And my knees, they don’t like me anymore, but then again, I’m not sure they ever really did, at least in recent history.

So I’m walking a bit awkwardly and I kind of think spending some time in bed should make my head feel better, but so far it hasn’t.

I think for a couple days I might take it easy on my workout, but not give it up entirely. I think the focus will be on strengthening my quads because there’s nothing like a strong quad to relieve knee pain.

The timing of that spill of mine is not so great. I was aspiring to try almost a “Biggest Loser” style workout marathon to get me back on track and now I think that maybe that might be a bit much for my knees.

But then again, if I’m careful, it may be just what the doctor ordered after all it doesn’t take much to lose ground in the fitness department. As it stands I have a little ground to recover already.

Maybe I’ll try that workout marathon in a couple days. I’ll have to see how things go until then. In the meantime, I’ll probably be spending some time rubbing my sore little noggin hoping it will feel a little better.


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