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Flying Like Superwoman...That's Right...I Flew!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Where's the cameras when you need them? If someone had caught me on film today, I could become rich and famous!

Went roller skating with the family today. They had obviously just waxed the floor. On my first lap around the rink, I "found" a rock. When my skate hit it, my wheels came to a dead stop, and I was air-born, stretched out like Superwoman, flying through the breeze.

Luckily, thanks to SP, I no longer have a Buddha belly, so rather than bouncing like a rubber ball, I slid like a Stooge on a banana peel, arms and legs stretched out in flying position. Didn't break or crack anything this time, but I was a sight to behold. When I finally slid to a stop, I crawled back to the scene of the crime and found a gouge in the floor about a foot long, with the Kryptonite rock that sapped my stand-up powers embedded in the end. In reality, I probably looked more like a flying monkey than Superwoman,

but hey, I can dream can't I? If only someone had caught it on tape. I could send it to AFV and become a household name. (Indulge me here) emoticon

Did I stop there? Heaven's no! I scraped my dignity up off the floor, remounted the skate that threw me, and rolled right back out on to the rink, smiling hugely at all those trying so hard to hide their laughter so as not to make me feel bad. I'm just happy I brightened their day, and gave them a story to tell about seeing an old lady fly. Maybe one of them will write a book about me. I can see it now...
There was an old lady who started to fly
I don't know why she started to fly
Perhaps she'll die...
Anyhoo...my "adventure" caused me to have quite the abs workout whilst skating, cause I had a hard time relaxing for the next hour, meaning my abs were clenching at the speed of round. (Get it...skates go round?) But determined to work up a sweat, other than from embarrassment, I decided to try my hand at going backwards. That is not entirely true...son decided he was ready for hubby to teach him to turn around and skate backwards, and I was NOT going to be out done. If he was going to go backwards, so was I. Yes, mama monkey can be a competitive little snot! Of course, son was much more graceful than I, but I did manage to make at least 7 painstakingly slow laps around the rink backwards. Worked muscles I did not know were so weak, and sweat up a storm, and not all of that sweat was from fear, although I am sure some of it was.

A couple of times I about lost it, and started to do the splits, but managed to catch myself and regain balance before wiping out any poor unsuspecting innocent children. Again I medicated many people with huge doses of laughter as I wobbled around backwards with arms flapping like I was trying to take flight. I'm sure a few thought I was trying to become the incredible flying woman again, only on purpose this time.

For my 5% challenge, I plan to encourage myself and keep on track by engaging in adventures such as today's. I'll keep finding ideas of fun stuff to do with my son and hubby that keep us moving and laughing. After all, the family that sweats together stinks together!
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