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Training Journal: 02/25 - 03/03/2013

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Total Miles: 44.15

Target Paces:
5K - 8:19
10K - 8:39
HM - 9:08
M - 9:37
BQ - 10:00

Distance: 5 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:07

Splits: 9:31 / 9:14 / 9:21 / 9:21 / 8:09

Notes: Wow, is it windy this afternoon. A front is blowing in, dropping temps, limbs and entire trees! Fortunately, I always have the gym track to fall back on -- don't think I could have remained upright out there this afternoon for long.

I decided to try this one without walk breaks, although I did take a short water stop after each mile. I ran at a very easy pace, in fact so slow as to feel sort of awkward at first. But I settled into a pretty consistent pace after the first few laps and didn't miss the walk breaks.

I decided to push the last mile a little by doing surges. I'd up the pace for a while, then slow back down to the easy pace when it began to feel hard, then push the pace again as soon as I felt recovered. I think 8:09 is pretty close to my first, or maybe second, MM time. I probably should do another MM one of these days -- I'm starting to get curious. It may be time to increase my training paces.

Tomorrow's run is 4 miles with hill sprints.

Distance: 4 miles + 4 x 8" hill sprints
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 9:20

Splits: 9:38 / 9:22 / 9:06 / 9:12

Notes: I ran after my ST session at the gym. I'm going to have to go back to running before ST -- so that my legs are fresher. Today was fine, but as the runs get longer and harder, that will make a difference as I know from past experience. Either that or wait several hours before running.

Distance: 6 miles
Location: Gym Track
:30/:30 (1)
1:00/1:00 (2-3)
:30/:20 (4)
:20/:20 (5-6)

Ave Pace: 10:26

Splits: 10:30 / 10:26 / 10:35 / 10:33 / 10:22 / 10:00

Notes: The wind was back today. I breakfasted in bed and then stayed there reading and listening to the trees banging on the wall and to the wind howling. It wasn't as bad as it was on Monday, but it also wasn't very inviting. I decided to postpone my run to the afternoon, hoping that perhaps the wind would die down by then.

It did die down some, and around 4:30 I decided to try running outside. I drove up to my usual running spot, only to find that it was still fairly windy there, its being more exposed than the area around my house. I got out of the car to try it, and that was when I realized I had forgotten my Garmin! (Freudian slip?) I had to choose between driving back home to get it or continuing on to the gym, where I wouldn't need it. I opted for the gym.

There was one small problem with that, which was that I was dressed for the chillier outside temps and thus was a little overdressed for the gym. I did start to get pretty warm about halfway through the run, but I dropped down to very short intervals and that made it manageable.

I wanted this run to be "easier" than the last two, so I used different incarnations of 1/1. It's been a while since I used an actual 1:00/1:00 interval.

My plan called for some strides in this workout, so during the last mile, I did strides (accelerations) during most of the run segments. The 20 second interval was about right for that.


Distance: 9.15 miles
Location: Ledge Mtn Route
Intervals: :20/:20
Ave Pace: 11:11

Splits: 11:49 / 11:30 / 11:33 / 11:26 / 11:05 / 11:01 / 10:56 / 10:49 / 10:38

Notes: I challenged myself to take this one slowly, although I see that I let the pace gradually speed up as the miles rolled by. Well, it felt easy, which was good news since I did not feel all that great yesterday.

This particularly route is a 1.125 mile loop. I can do it as a .75 mile loop, which is pretty flat for my neighborhood. The rest of the loop (.375 miles) is a fairly significant hill. So it's sort of like doing very spaced out hill repeats when I include that section.

I don't normally use this loop for really long runs, since it does become repetitive. But one definite advantage to running here is that I don't have to carry anything. I run by my car every mile and can stop for a quick water and/or fuel break. That's one of the things I like about running in the gym, too, not having to carry anything.

I ran the hill section at the end of each mile so that I was running down hill to the water stop. Sometimes I put it at the beginning of the loop to get it over with. Ah, the psychology of runners.

Progression Run
Distance: 7 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 10:16

Splits: 11:13 / 10:57 / 10:32 / 10:16 / 9:54 / 9:42 / 9:17

Notes: in the original plan, this was supposed to be a threshold run (yesterday), with a rest day (today) before tomorrow's long run. But since I didn't fell well on Thursday, that became my rest day. So no threshold run today this close to a long run. I did keep the same planned distance and decided to play it by ear. I started out easy and felt pretty good, so just gradually increased the pace with each mile.

My right quad is a little sore, not from running but from ST on Thursday, where I did stationary lunges, holding weights, with my front foot on a squishy pad. It doesn't bother me while I'm running, interestingly enough, just when I'm not. I notice it mostly going up and down stairs at home.

I ran in my Vibrams today. No problems until the very end of the run -- and then some twinges in the left metatarsals. Not painful, but probably would have become so if I had continued running past 7 miles. A quick massage and manipulation of the toes after the run, and everything felt normal again.

Long Run
Distance: 13 miles
Location: Gym Track
Ave Pace: 10:50

Splits: 11:47 / 11:14 / 10:43 / 11:00 / 10:59 / 10:51 / 10:45 / 11:00 / 10:44 / 10:57 / 10:43 / 10:37 / 9:34

Notes: I was worried about this run because of having no rest day before it, but I felt fine and it was really no problem. I did not feel excessively tired when I finished, either; in fact, I felt like I could have kept going. That's good, since there is no rest day tomorrow either!

My quad is almost recovered, much better than it was yesterday, and my feet were fine -- no signs of the twinges that showed up at the end of Saturday's run. (I wore my Merrill's today.)

My goal was to run in the vicinity of 11:00 /mi . I started with :15/:20 to warm up slowly. By the end of the second mile, I could feel myself starting to push during the run segment, so I experimented with other intervals and ended up with :25/:20 for a while and then switched to :20/:15 at mile 7 for the duration of the run. For the last mile, I did not change intervals but did do accelerations during most of the run segments, which is why the pace is so much faster.

After the run, I did some quick foam rolling of calves, quads, ITBand and glutes. Then did a few core exercises. Today's workout, and really the whole week, was very confidence building. Now to see how I feel tomorrow (no rest for the weary, as they say). Good thing I'm not weary.
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