Day 434 - M

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Here are some encouraging words & great advice from Dr. Oz ~

How to be Happier

Just like you exercise to get stronger, you can also train your mind to be happier. It's true! (And it doesn't involve pull-ups!)

This week, before you get out of bed every morning, do three things.

First, think of something you are going to do today that is meaningful to you. How you will accomplish this? Is there a relative you've wanted to call? Think about how that phone call will make your loved one happy and connect you with your family. Or maybe there's an area of your house that needs de-cluttering. Even if you can spend only 15 minutes organizing a drawer, matching unmatched socks, or putting the Wham concert T-shirts on eBay, think about how much better you will feel with that progress.

Second, be appreciative of something. Is it the warm summer sun? The fact that it's Friday? An upcoming trip? Your Wham CD? Hold that thought for 20 seconds. Do this again at lunch and before you go to sleep.

Lastly, smile. Fake a smile or find something to smile about. Research shows that putting your face into a smiling position can actually lead to happier feelings. On the flipside, frowning can lead to darker feelings.

These exercises will train you to appreciate the small things and bring meaning to each day.

On tap for tonight is 'The Bible' on the History Channel. Begins @ 8:00 pm ET. So....I'm trying real hard to get everything DONE so I can watch it!! It's a 10 hour presentation with the 1st segment tonight. 'Vikings' follows right after that, another new History channel show. Talk about being a couch potato!!!!!! Maybe I can do a few bicepts curls while I'm watching so I won't feel guilty! I did get all the cardio walking done today, so it's looking pretty good for 8:00 pm!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. A big thanks for stopping by today. Sparkies are the BEST!!! emoticon
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