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You Can Do It

Sunday, March 03, 2013

You are the best and you can do any thing you want. Look at what you have done, gone from a size 20 to a size 10 in jeans. You did not do that by telling your self you could not do it. You did it by getting up off that couch and exercising. Yes at first it was not much exercise but it was some thing. You started small just doing 10 minutes on the exercise bike. You took short little walks to the drug store and thought that was really some thing. Well you know what it was, a start in the right direction. And now look at you, you exercise everyday doing 30 minutes on the exercise bike, walking every day at least 30 minutes some times more, doing strength training most days and doing 2 to 3 exercise videos every week.

You are doing wonderful things to get yourself healthier. You make streaks to not binge for 21 days and have even done that. Some times you fall but that is not what is important what is is that you have the courage to get right back up and try again. You are a strong willed women and you will do what you want.

You eat a lot healthier then you did before joining Spark People. You are smart enough to read articles and learn more about nutrition. You use what you learn when you pick out food to buy at the supermarket. You read labels on every thing that has one. You are making wise choices in eating whole wheat, more fruits and vegetables and dairy. You are smart enough to know that grilled chicken breast is a healthier choice to eat then a hot dog and you eat the chicken.

You are growing stronger, healthier and smarter every day. You know you can do it and you do.

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