Your True Colors

Sunday, March 03, 2013

This is the time of year when all the veterans at the health clubs are happy: March. Why? The fitness centers are less crowded, and the parking lot is no longer packed full of cars. This is because the New Years Resolutioners are losing steam. The rush is over for another year. Even Target has stopped putting fitness gear and Zone Perfect bars on sale.

Whether it’s weight loss, eating healthier, or some other goal, keeping your momentum going is easy when the goal is fresh and new, but then things change. What started out as a really exciting time with all sorts of possibilities is now quite the opposite. What causes a person who was so jazzed about a goal that they put their time and money into it, only to drop it later? Lots of reasons. Some of them are really good reasons. There are always great reasons to stop doing something. But are they the right reasons? Only you can answer that, from the depths of your heart, because that’s where your true colors, your true desires live. Or die.

We have what I call an inner caveman (or cavewoman) that drives our immediate needs, despite our big goals or vision for the future. You may have a goal to paint the bedrooms in your house, but each weekend comes, things get in the way and you never get to the paint store. Maybe the next weekend you have a sick child, the next weekend is a soccer tournament…on it spins, farther away from you. If you’re not careful, your inner caveman will stomp on your true colors, leaving you different than you intend to be, different than you were gifted to be.

You can conquer your inner caveman, but it takes inner strength. You must take a long look at your true colors and decide to be committed to them. Or not. Take time to reflect on…you. It’s the best gift you can give yourself, and the very first meaningful step towards your goal. There are so many different ways to reach your goal, once you know your true colors. No matter which path you choose, it will involve a series of micro decisions throughout the days and weeks of the year. There are just nine months of this year left. It’s a long time, but when it comes to breaking habits and changing behaviors, it’s a heartbeat.

Take that first step now. Reflect. Look within for your true colors.
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