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Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Friends and Me in our Condominium Compound--May 2011
Left to Right:Fatima,Kishori Ben,Mitra,Kanta,Radha Ben,Ritu and Me.
What you are all seeing is my group of Friends--there are a few of them missing but we have over the years become a pretty close group.There are a few of them missing in this Picture---Pushpa my closest friend,Anuradha almost a foster niece,Vijaya my neighbour who lives opposite me,Bhabhiji who lives just above me and her DIL Sonia as well as Shashi Tai form the entire group.I wouldn't place them in the same category as my friend Pushpa--who is like an older sister to me or Anuradha who has become like a niece instead of my next door neighbour---but the fact that they are there is one of the comforts of my life today.After Sudhir died, this Group began by holding my hand and now we've all progressed to being each other's support system!!Today each one of them is volunteering to help out with their time--for instance they've shown a willingness to sit with Ritu while I run my errands so that I can do so without worrying about her---and also to sit with her during the Chemotherapy in the Hospital--a process that can last upto 8 hours!!Each one of these women is willing to do her share to help me out and it is this support that I value.The feeling that I can fall back on these people--because they live in the same Condominium does raise my confidence level!!The feeling of not being alone means a lot to me---and while I may not need to take them up on their offer I still am grateful to them for offering the instant reassurance that I'm not alone till the rest of the Family reaches me.My sisters-in-law--both Sudhir's sisters Kunda and Suhas as well as Nina his sister-in-law live in the Suburbs and given the Traffic situation can take hours to reach.Besides all 3 are much older than both Ritu or me---a fact that has not stopped them from offering their whole hearted support!!At the moment Mikki sat through with Ritu on the 28th.February during the first Session of Chemo--next one falls on the 21st. March when Mikki will be in Singapore on official business.Hopefully someone from Ritu's Office will help out--and guess we'll get through that as well.Man is a social animal and these social relationships are as important to nurture as are Blood ties--for we never can stand alone!!
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