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Test Results Are In..... Sort of...

Saturday, March 02, 2013

OY!!! One of these days I swear will start a blog with sentiments more resembling "I DID SO AWESOME TODAY, I ______" or even just "Today I went to the gym WOO HOO" that would be nice LOL .... But, that day is not today... Not yet....

This roller coaster of crazy unexplainable ailments doesn't seem to want to stop... Thankfully I have a lot of friends and family here to help me out and provide lots of love.... My hubby has been a blessing by picking up the slack around the house and taking care of me. The kids are being helpful too, I even got one of them to clean a bathroom today without complaint! YAY! -- Now that I could get used to!

Good news first, I got some really great lab results back on Thursday. The repeat tests done for my hyperthyroid showed my levels went back into the normal range. So it would seem I DO NOT have graves disease or hyperthyroidism! YEAH!!! Praise the endocrine gods!!! The docs explanation was "the elevated thyroid levels were due to an auto-immmune response to whatever virus (aka "the black plague" as my family has dubbed it) I had in January." Basically that virus or infection caused my throid to go haywire, and it took a few weeks for the levels to return to normal.

One problem solved... One to go...

Despite a week on antibiotics this "UTI from HELL" has not gone away. If anything the pain has gotten worse. Because of that I went in for an ultrasound to check for kidneystones. The results came back yesterday, no stones were seen in the ultrasound but "hydronephrosis" was seen. Basically that means my right ureter (the same side as the constant pain) is dilated. In most cases, that only happens when someone is trying to pass a kidney stone. I was told its normal to not be able to see a stone on an ultrasound, because not all of them can be detectable that way. The next step is to have a CT scan done Monday morning. Which (if there is a stone) should be the tell all test.

The dr. says normally stones don't persist for a week, they usually pass by now.. So its possible (again if there is a stone) it may be stuck. If that's the case I would then have to see a specialist and depending on the scenario have a stent put in to help it pass. :( Not good news.

I was by no means "relieved" to be told I most likely have a kidney stone somewhere, but I am relieved to at least have an answer and direction, which will hopefully lead to a quick resolution and relief from all this pain. Imagine having a 24/7 extreme charlie horse or runners cramp in your back and side. IT SUCKS!!

So, for the time being the hubby, kids and I are just lying low watching movies. Just finished Breaking Dawn Part 2. Now we're watching Nitro Circus. Next up Skyfall. Can you tell we're taking turns who picks? Last night my two best girl friends came over for a pajama party too, at least this misery has lots of great company. I am very blessed.

I now have some vicodin to help manage my pain, which is helping a little bit, but I get spikes of really bad pain. I'm eager for Monday just to have some more answers. If they can't find a kidney stone in there I won't really know what will happen from there. There are other possibilities for hydronephrosis (dilated ureters) like tumors, growths, infections etc... But I really DON'T want to think about those things, because it really just freaks me out.. I can't help but feel like perhaps all of this is related to the same nasty plague/virus that wreaked havoc on my thyoid?? But I'm no doctor so I will rely on the professionals to do their thing.

So, one day at a time. Rest, rest, more rest, water, water, and lots more water... I could float away at this point.....

Wish me luck for the CT on Monday :)
Whining over for now, but stay tuned (Hopefully next blog will be titled "GREAT NEWS!!!"
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