Wife’s Car Has A Million Dings And Scratches On The Rear Bumper

Saturday, March 02, 2013

My Wife’s car has a million dings and scratches on the rear bumper. They are caused by the fact that my Wife insists on backing into parking spaces. To date she has never struck another vehicle, yet if there’s a pole, curb, wall, etc., she will hit it. She will not back into the garage because she is afraid she will hit something.

Friday evening another couple who know what my Wife’s car rear bumper looks like and why; were with us in the vehicle when she backed into a high curb while parking.

She turned to me and said “I want to get one of those new cars that has back-up cameras”.

I replied “Good idea…then you can see what you’re hitting.”

The other couple laughed.

My Wife was pissed for a few minutes, however as the saying goes, time heals all wounds and she got over it by the time we entered the restaurant.

After dinner we went to the Jon Stewart show. FYI, John Stewart is a great comedian and put on a very funny show.

So far, the back-up cameras or my comment have not come again and I will not bring it up.

And yes we have spent many awake hours together.
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