My new healthy habit - carb control

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Challenge requires that I pick a new healthy habit I want to make my own this week. Okay - it will have to be:

Very significant, permanent reduction in unhealthy carbs - for the rest of my life!!
To clarify - i don't want or need to restrict my intake of fresh fruits or veggies, but I do need to severely limit/control carbs - such as bread, cereal, pasta, etc.

In the last few weeks I have successfully done this, and it is truly amazing how well the scale reacts - which of course, makes me so much happier. Maybe it is because I had RAI 18 yrs ago, and am on synthroid for thyroid function. I have been told that low carb/high protein diets really work well for that condition.

So what am I going to do about it - to help make this my own habit?

I am going to STOP forever eating from the bread basket at any/all restaurants. To help myself achieve this, I will give myself permission to order decaf tea right away ... to keep my hands busy while everyone else is chowing down on the bread.
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