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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Yes, I am one. Not in the typical sense, I could care less what someone drives, their zip code, education level or what they do for a living. I've known people living in poverty who are the greatest and most generous people in the world and a woman living in a multimillion $ house driving an insanely expensive car who I would gladly use as zombie bait because she is just that evil and selfish. I've known several engineers with Masters degrees who are either a) completely lacking in common sense or b) just plain stupid or c) also zombie bait candidates or d) all of the above...compared with self-taught non-high school graduates who did a much better job designing parts for our products than the highly degreed snobs we hired.

In any case I am also a snob so I probably shouldn't throw stones. My snobbery comes out during tax season.

My dark dirty secret is that I actually like preparing my taxes. One day I'd like to get my certificate or whatever as a tax preparer and moonlight. Not because I have to but because I enjoy the challenge.

Yes, I should seek professional help for this obviously dangerous aberration emoticon

I have prepared by own taxes every year (except one) since I was 16. And that was before tax software. Yes, I did them by hand...itemized deductions on the long form no less. And survived the capital gains/losses calculation when we sold our first house before they changed the rules to make it simpler. Even when the tax software first came out & I switched I still did a set by hand for the first few years to make sure the software was accurate.

I am not a very trusting soul lol.

The one year someone did my taxes for me was the first year I was married and my new SIL was a CPA. The PEH (psycho ex-husband) insisted that she do our taxes for this reason, because she "knew all the tricks and could get us the best results".

Yes, I double checked her too.

Nothing against my ex-SIL, she did do a good job. But I saw no reason to continue having anyone else involved in my (our) private financial affairs, especially family, especially because I could get the same results.

Yes, I am a snob.

So this year is especially frustrating for me. This year, because I now have to file in both the US & France and the requirements due to the job relocation and situation, I have to work with a company that will prepare & file my taxes for me.

Normally I have my taxes completed & submitted by January 31. This year the company did not even contact me until February 15. I have OCD tendencies. I was not happy at the delay.

Their software doesn't display the results, it just collects information. So I have no idea what my tax obligation is yet. Did I mention my OCD tendencies? I HATE not knowing, I HATE being late even though technically it is still early.

I HATE not being in control.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

To make matters worse I talked to my son the other night & he revealed that he's already filed his taxes for the first time & is waiting for his refund.

Ah-ha, he takes after his Mom!

Silly me.

PEH told him to go to H&R Block and have them take care of his taxes because it is "too complicated" to do himself.

My son is 17, is a dependent and works part time at Dairy Queen. He is smart; narrowly focused and sometimes intellectually lazy when not interested in the subject, but very smart.

Too complicated my ass. Maybe for the PEH who is an intellectual gnat - truth + ex-bashing all in one package! - an EZ form is too complicated but my son is capable of it; otherwise I would have to disown him LOL!

That is a 5 minute by hand tax preparation for goodness' sake! It would take longer to actually enter the information into the system than to calculate what he owes or not.

So my son, not knowing any better, listened to the PEH, went to H&R Block and paid them $80 for the privilege of preparing and filing his EZ form. Something he could have done for free as well as teaching him a valuable life skill.

Side note digression - It is unbelievable that these types of skills are not taught in high school (or at least not mandatory for every student).

I had some choice words to say when I hung up the phone, believe me. 3 days later & I am stilled majorly pissed off. Next year at least my son knows to call me instead of going to a service and listening to the PEH.

So no offense intended to anyone who lives in multimillion dollar homes, drives insanely expensive cars, is an engineer, is highly degreed or has someone else prepare his/her taxes. Or is an ex-? of any variety.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am trying to learn how to control my disgust at not being in control, and my complete meltdown that usually follows. I love our dance instructor, but she's a last minute type person, and I'm a plan 6 months ahead type person, and she's in control of the dance world, and I have to sit back and enjoy the ride. Which is hard not knowing where the ride is taking me, how much it will cost, what shoes, tights, costumes etc. I need to purchase for it. I'm sure you get the point.

    So being a fellow control freak, I feel your pain, and am glad you vented it all out here. Life is all about learning from mistakes and moving on. I hope your son listens to you, and lets you help him, or at least goes to Tax Act or other free sites to file his taxes, a lot less expensive than H&R Block... *sigh*

    I also got the feeling reading this that you will one day be a CPA. You are the kind of person who makes what you want happen. So when you want it badly enough, I have no doubt it will happen.

    1903 days ago

    1904 days ago
    Sorry to break it to you but that doesn't sound like snobbery - sounds like common sense! Ooops - maybe I'm a snob too?

    I can't believe they don't tell you want your tax bill is! How crazy is that?

    Totally agreeing with you on the need for personal finance lessons in high school. 200%. ;)

    1904 days ago
    Cute blog. I was meandering over to the free sites that both CA and the feds offer for tax prep. Not sure I trust them. (smiling)
    1904 days ago
    You have every right to be snobby! I have to have an accountant dig through all the nuances of our taxes...

    Maybe Someday......
    1905 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I laughed when I read your blog-you snob you. I worked for a company and we had to prepare 1099's for some of our investors. Well we had a CPA doing it for a couple of years, in house, and when he left, I inherited the job-poor little ole me with only a associate's degree did the job they were paying mega bucks to get done and lo and behold, I discovered he had beendoing it incorrectly!!!! I thought I was going to be crucified when I had to tell the president this-not my mistake but we have to notify the investors. I had to work with auditors who then took all of my numbers and prepared the 1099's! They had to go back to when he started doing it and also pay any penalties and the price of getting all those investors taxes redone. Wasn't a cheap deal and to this day I am proud I found that error-not that I wanted him to have made a mistake, but he was just a jerk and struck on himself and yet he blew this one big time!!
    1905 days ago
    Enjoyed reading your blog, you Snob, you!

    One thing you might consider when you return to the U.S. --
    AARP has a volunteer aide tax preparation program to help senior citizens and people with limited incomes. They would be so thankful for volunteers with your skills! When I was a Library Director we provided meeting room space in our library for this service, and it was so good to see how many people were helped.
    1906 days ago
    You're a brilliant Snob! emoticon
    1906 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/2/2013 10:06:51 AM
    Well if there is something to be snobby about.....I wouldn't have called tax preparation one of them. But maybe in the hierarchy of CPAs, finance counselors, money managers, etc. it makes sense (note that, as I say that, I give a Gallic shrug)

    I lived in Chile many, many years ago straight out of college. As an ex-pat, I got all my witholdings back and had no US tax obligation.....has that changed?

    Amazing that you kid had to pay $80 for Dairy Queen earnings....I just included my kids' part time earnings on our tax forms!
    1906 days ago
    can you do mine next year??? LOL I do long form and have a couple of 1099's also plus business deductions... I pay someone to do them!
    1906 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    You are a very unique type of "snob" and very proud of it too.
    1906 days ago
    You are clearly very proud of your achievements!
    1906 days ago
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