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Smarch! Er, March!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I'm pretty sure it was at the beginning of last month that I said I wouldn't blog on the weekend. And yet, here I am... Brilliant!

So far, the end of February, beginning of Smarch hasn't been great. I got the weirdest cold. Its one of the few times I have actually FELT a cold as it took me by the neck and dragged me down. 11pm on Saturday night I was working on some homework, waiting for the shower to become available and by 1am I couldn't even swallow. I ended up having to wake up my mom for some throat lozenges and cold medicine. The throat pain eased up, but the sinus pain/pressure/congestion has yet to stop. Ran through a whole box of kleenex. Ran out of DayQuil days ago (saved one pack for class on Thursday) and I've only been taking NyQuil once a night. Only have 2 packs of those left. Friday I ended up with a migraine (unrelated to the cold; probably hormone related), so that just added to the fun. I was weak, dizzy, burning hot (but no fever) and actually had to have my mom cook for me. I do feel like this junk is on it's way out, though, finally.

It better be, too, because this week is the California Mid-Winter Fair, which is held in the next town over. I got tickets for my bro and sis-in-law for their anniversary gift. I also bought a pair of tickets for me and whoever else wants to go (I'm thinking my mom). I haven't been to the fair since I moved away 5 years ago, so I'm kind of excited to go. I know it'll be a time of indulgence. There's no way I'm going to the fair and not eating a corndog or funnel cake or candy apple or spiral fries. And you know what, that is perfectly fine. That is my decision to make and own. I'm not going to feel guilty for it. I'm not going to worry about it going to my thighs. I'm going to enjoy the splurge and move on. I'm glad I'm finally able to say that, to be in a healthy place with a healthy mindset and relationship with my food... At least in this case.

Over the last few weeks I've become aware of a problem that I've always seemed to have and just never really thought about. Night eating. But, not just night eating. Sometimes night binging. I have a wicked sweet tooth. I've made no secret of that. Lately it seems that while I have a handle on my food the rest of the time, it's the late night, long after dinner eating that I'm having issues with. I used to be fine with just a little "fun size" candy bar, usually a Baby Ruth or Butterfinger Crisp. The small bar was all I needed. Since moving back home, it's been more of a binge thing (prior it was just late night eating) and I'm not sure what to do about it. I'll have several pieces of candy or a cupcake or two or several cookies or a combination of all the above. Rarely is it ever just a single piece of something. Its made think that I also may have a sugar addiction. Since it's something I've just come to realize, I need some more time to think on it and do some research. But, if anyone has any sage advice or words of wisdom or tips that help them, please feel free to share!

The good news as of late is that I lost 5 of the 12lbs I put on over the holidays. 7lbs more and I'll be back to my 45lb loss mark. And then I can continue on the loss path. Which leads me to some goal setting for the month of March:

emoticon At least 150 fitness minutes per week. Since I'm just restarting (and will be re-restarting after being sick) I'm setting this number kinda low. 150 minutes is 30 minutes a day, 5 days out of the week. Before I got sick, I was doing quite well with that. I think I can swing it again.

emoticon Be mindful of my night eating/binging. I eat dinner late (after 10pm) 3 nights out of the week due to my school schedule, and I'm a night owl anyway, so I'm trying to cut off any and all eating by midnight. That's a start. I can figure out from there my next step to tackling this problem.

emoticon Drink more water. Since I moved here, I've been drinking ridiculous amounts of water! Ridiculously SMALL amounts! Like, maybe 30oz a day. If that. And not much of anything else, so I know I'm dehydrated! (Geez, no wonder I got sick.)

emoticon Freggies. Every meal. No excuses. Even if the rest of the family isn't eating veggies or fruit with their meals. Potatoes don't count, unless they've been prepared in a really healthy way. But, even then... They only count as half.

That's it for my health related goals. I have others, of course, that will include keeping up on homework, studying harder and longer for my next stats test, and blogging regularly at my other blog. I'm working on a new entry for that... SNEAK PEEK:

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, love that sneak peek!
    Hang in there...
    Healing Hugs,
    1871 days ago
    How are you feeling this morning ? a friend of mine had similar symptoms and ended up with strep throat. I hope you don't have that ! Take it easy and keep pushing those fluids. I find lots of hot tea and honey helps me whenever I have a sore throat.

    Fairs... I love state fairs, but rarely go anymore. When I did, I loved having a corn dog or curly fries. I eat a corn dog maybe once every two years i.e. when I go to a fair. I love corn dogs, but they don't love me. which is why I only have them once every couple of years. I love how they taste, but they mess up my digestive system.

    Also, how late do you stay up at night studying or doing whatever ? Perhaps some of your late night binging could be tied to how late you stay up. Maybe if you went to bed at an earlier hour, you'd be less likely to snack.

    1879 days ago
    I'm definitely ready for some nighttime eating after this post. :)
    1880 days ago
    Jill I have managed to conquer that late night binge problem. I work the swing shift and dont get off work til 1am. So the whole of last year I spent at the vending machine a few times a night because I was RAVENOUS for something sweet. Since re-vamping my eating. I stick to a very tight schedule at work. I eat dinner at about 630 or 7 then I have a two snacks later- One about 10 or so then another at about 1130 or 12. Both are usually sweet. Naturally. I will do an apple w/ some peanut butter/greek yogurt dip (amazing! found it on pintrist!) OR cottage cheese and pears. Something sweet w/ protein. Then my last one will be usually sweet snow peas. I love them. AND because you have to snap the ends off and peel the fibers off the pod it takes longer to eat. I havent been to the vending machine in 3 months!!! Amazing! You can do it girl. You just have to put a plan in place. You are a great planner and like things in an organized fashion so you can totally get a handle on it my dear!
    1880 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    I hope you feel better soon! I'm struggling with getting enough water, too. And for no good reason! Hang in there!
    1880 days ago
    Hope you feel better soon. Be careful at that fair if you are still recuperating; you don't want to wind up feeling worse. Take care.
    1880 days ago
    Hope you are kicking the cold to the curb! It sounds as if you've set reasonable goals to start the minth, coming back from illness. Enjoy the fair!!!!! And your treats.
    1880 days ago
    1880 days ago
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