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Aww.. My sewing weekend was cancelled!

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Brother's roommate isn't coming to visit because his dog is squirting out both ends again. I'm grateful for his consideration, but kind of bummed that I won't be working on the projects I was planning on getting done. I was going to teach him how to sew and hopefully knock out one or two of his A-kon costumes with him. I COULD work on them myself, but I'd rather have him here for fittings.. and you know.. to teach him how to make his own stuff by himself :P

That being said, I DO have my own projects to work on, AND I have the new machine in. I just need to pick a place to start on Kefka and get going. Shoes are a lot of work, and I'd like to start on those, but I need to get some base shoes first. I may go look at fabric this weekend and get things to start on the pants. If I can get the pants done, I know I'll get on a roll and work my way up until I hit the breastplate, then probably work on shoes. I never go in one direction. I kind of skip all over.

I have the blue tights for the right leg already. I just need to decide how detailed I want to make things. I will probably make a decision on painting the tights towards the end of things, since that's when I'll make the final decision on extra beading& other embellishments. It's nice not having to make hard fiberglass armor for this one, and I suppose I could make a vest or something out of cloth for the chest. I really do think it'd work better as a shirt with a faux-leather armor over it, though. That is probably something I'll end up saving until the end.

Ugh. There I go on again about costumes. I need to wait to blabber until I have progress pics! I do love the planning stages, though. I've been thinking through costumes on the bike every morning this week.

Tomorrow.. bike, then shopping. The house is out of protein, and I don't know what to do! How did I eat before I started balancing my meals and including all this protein?? It's a mystery. And now that The Husband has been on vacay, I've managed to stress myself out about trying to plan all these extra meals. You guys can probably relate to me when I say one of the singlemost frustrating things about being married is trying to get a straight answer out of your husband about what he wants for dinner. Or if he's even hungry. It's maddening!

As far as this week's goals are concerned:

The vast majority of my snacks have been fruit! Yay! I've had a LOT more fruit this week than I have in a long time. I'm still actively working on polishing off the strawberries and pears before they turn, but I've got a bit longer on the grapes& apples. Why did I go fruit crazy?? I guess my body was screaming for it.

I have continued to get my exercise in, yay! (No surprise there, though)

I have failed pretty miserably at my food goals. I can't believe I'm struggling to even get things consistantly under 1600.

All that into consideration, though, I've been making an extra effort to get a lot of water, and weight HAS been coming off. If things keep trending like this, I can report another 1lb loss in maybe 3 more days.

Instead of getting down and frustrated about this ongoing food sitation, I am looking at the positives and taking things a day at a time. I haven't resigned myself to higher calories, but I try not to beat myself up too much when I go over. After all:

*Slower weight loss means less loose skin. These past few months, I HAVE noticed some of the loose skin tightening up a little bit. No ammount of time can save my boobs, and probably not my batwings, but things are feeling less jiggly. This break of slower loss will give my body some time to adjust from the first 8 month's rapid loss.

*Even though I'm doing way worse than I feel I should be doing, I'm not gaining. I'm still losing, and occassionally maintaining for a week before losing some more. It's very slow progress, but it's still progress. I've been telling people (well, wailing, really) about how I haven't really lost anything since Oct, but that's an outright lie. I have to look back at my calendar to remind myself that isn't true, and I AM losing.

*I feel like maybe with all this junk, I've "reset" myself in some way. I was following bad habits, but maybe it'll lead to faster losses when things are on track. After all.. I had that mini plateau where I wasn't losing with exercise AND disciplined diet, and I didnt' lose anything for nearly two months. How is it that I'm consistantly eating significantly more and losing still? The body is a mysterious sack of meat!

*I'm enjoying myself. Maybe this is the most important. I am not losing as quickly as I could if I was strictly where I know I need to be for moderate weight loss, but I'm trying to see this as a time of mental recharge before the next big spurt of discipline. Mental vacay! I recognize what is bad for me, and I struggle to make the right decisions. Sometimes it feels so very exhausting to keep going, but honestly I feel like I'm doing something sustainable. Re-reading this, it sounds like a miserable pile of excuses, though :X I shall soldier on!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looking forward to seeing the new costume.
    1937 days ago
    The reason I do a checklist (exchanges) is so I can plan it out then check it off every day. That way I can change something if I need to (1/2 cup noodles instead of rice for example) I'm with you on the sewing. It's hard to be all revved up for a project, then have to postpone because of someone else.
    1938 days ago
    Hugs! Everyone needs Mental Health Days ... I need to call off work someday with that one. You will find your focus and get it - those calories sneak up on ya. I know that I write it all down through out the day looking at it going ya, no worries but then I enter it and see it adding up and I'm like oops, can I take that back and pretend I didn't eat it. I almost want to enter stuff in the morning/night before then adjust it if I mess up.

    Keep at it! You can do it!
    1939 days ago
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