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How Come You Guys Get All the Good Stuff??

Friday, March 01, 2013

The Toronto Star today has a short article about the different flavours preferred by Canadians and Americans when it comes to junk foods. Here in the Great White North, we don't do waffle and chicken chips. Apparently boring bland ol' Canadians generally prefer foods that are less sweet and more "neutral" in flavour -- except for holiday spicing (cinnamon and ginger) which Canadians do like pretty intense.


Not much to be said for junk food, of course, regardless of the flavour variations. But (using rough math conversion from kilograms to pounds) I was temporarily chuffed to read that a Canadian eats about 55 more pounds of fruit per year than the average American who chomps through just 113 pounds of fruit. And a Canadian eats about 102 more pounds of vegetables a year than the average American, who swallows only about 147 pounds of veggies. Virtuous Canadians, it's claimed, eat a whopping four times the seafood but less meat than Americans too. Wow!!

OK, then. How come I don't see a whole lotta difference in obesity rates here and in the US? Are Canadians counting French fries as veggies? Apple turnovers as fruit? Deep fried fish sticks as seafood? I'm thinking it's something like that.

Truth is, I sure would love to try those waffle chips!! Bet I'd love 'em!! Just as well we don't have 'em here. I'd be addicted in no time.
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    LOL!! I found these at 7-Eleven a couple of weeks ago and bought them as a joke for a road trip, forgetting that 2 of the other 3 girls were vegetarians ... whoops! They didn't want to try them. My friend in TX said he had gone to 3 Wal-Marts to get more because he liked them so much. I thought they were pretty nasty.

    They are part of a limited edition group; the other ones are sriracha and garlic cheese bread. Chicken and waffle restaurants aren't just a Southern thing -- I've seen just as many here in Baltimore as I did in Texas!
    1903 days ago
    Good question. Loved your post. Could it be the types of jobs (sit vs moving) or recreation actives. emoticon
    1904 days ago
    good question, let me know when you find the answer
    1905 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Be careful of what you wish for. Perhaps it is time to find a new love.
    1906 days ago
    Just as well they are where they are.
    1906 days ago
    Ummmm... OK. Not sure what's up with obesity rates being "not that different" if the dietary habits are what is reported here.

    But statistics are just statistics... what matters most to each of US, as individuals, is what WE can do to be healthier... not average, but better than that! Spark on! emoticon
    1907 days ago
    At first I thought you meant actual chicken with waffle chips (like some sort of fried bits of waffle) and then I clicked on the link. OMG. Potato chips FLAVORED with chicken and waffles? How could they even come up with such a disgusting thing? I live in Southern California and I assure you I have never heard of this stuff! On the other hand, I have heard of (and eaten) fried chicken with a real waffle, which is a specialty of a couple of Southern, African-American restaurants here and in Oakland.
    1907 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/2/2013 4:21:52 PM
    You virtuous Canadians eating all those fruits and veggies!! Are you sure the obesity rate isn't better up there? Seems like it would be unless you guys are just sitting around in the cold, cold winter. Even then, I'd think the freggies would make a big difference. Thanks, as always, for your interesting contributions!! -Marsha
    1907 days ago
  • KANOE10
    That was interesting. I have no interest in the waffle chicken chips and did not eat the dish when I visited the south. Good for Canadians eating more vegetables and fruit.
    1907 days ago
    Ah, but remember portions? emoticon

    Waffle chips are nothing to 'write home about'...
    1907 days ago
    Yeah, I just heard about this chicken and waffle combo a week ago, when #2 son was looking (unsuccessfully) for some. He told me that there are actually chicken and waffle eateries being opened. Fried chicken and waffles the entire menu. My only response was to ask him what on earth we're coming to. But i guess your comparison of types of food eaten is also a good case for moderation, as well as appropriate speculation on what's being counted as fruits and veggies.
    1907 days ago
    That is strange about the different eating habits not showing up in obesity rates!

    Thanks for pointing us to so many interesting articles!
    1907 days ago
    Chicken and Waffle Chips? Gross! I'll take the real thing over these any day if I want a treat! It is interesting to see how local tastes make their way into junk food, though. I've seen varieties of snack food here in Italy that just don't exist in the States. Some are pretty good, like hot and spicy potato chips, and others that are not so appealing, like hot dogs or French fries on pizza. Like one of the other commenters said, I suppose obesity rates come down to calories in vs. calories out in the end and Italians still have the edge over most of us North Americans on that front!
    1907 days ago
    I've found the "dark" chocolate here in Australia (and NZ) is sweeter than American dark chocolate. Strange, national tastes, hmmm?

    And I guess my palate might be a bit more Canadian. (I've never even heard of waffle chips!)
    1907 days ago
  • _LINDA
    When I was in Hawaii, I got to experience Cheetos Crunchy in Inferno heat!!! The best of both worlds, my love of hot spices and Cheetos. I somehow managed to resist shipping a box of them home, just barely though ;) Its neat the regional junk foods you come across. I also discovered I like pistachio ice cream, oh my.
    This article wouldn't open for me, likely my step dad's lousy cnnection, guess I will have to wait until I am home to read it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    1907 days ago
    Interesting data. I guess people are people wherever they live. They'll eat the junk that tastes good if the opportunity presents UNLESS they are determined to mostly eat the healthy stuff. If I didn't have to worry about obesity or my health, I'd be eating more of the "designer tasty stuff."

    Canadians can eat that much more fruit and veggies and less meat but still eat LOTS of other stuff as well. It's total calories in vs. total calories burned that determines weight. Maybe that's the hidden data?
    1908 days ago
    That is pretty interesting. I agree that I don't see a big diff in rates. Very interesting indeed. You've got me wondering now. emoticon
    1908 days ago
    Dunno about waffle chips 'round here...believe that might be a Southern thing...?

    They can keep 'em! :-)

    Terrific Democracy Now show today featuring Michael Moss:


    And another equally eye-opening, jaw-dropping piece on Pandora's Lunchbox:

    1908 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/1/2013 9:35:24 PM
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