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Almost sprung

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Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring, that is. And I for one am pretty dam' glad. I have completely lost my SparkMojo the last few weeks and I am very sure it will reappear as soon as the temperature outside gets up to 10C (50F) and stays there.

This, we have been promised as of Sunday. Do not speak to me of further possible cold snaps: I am not prepared to countenance them. I don't remember such a prolonged cold spell in years but that may be because for the last 14 years I've had reliable central heating and at the moment I haven't owing to my now defunct boiler.

In any case, tomorrow I have promised us all a nice long walk, minus Stonecot who is doing something else this weekend (she has not specified what, but you could go have a look at her sparkpage to see if she's divulging).

The nice weather forecast that I want to believe says 7C for tomorrow which is quite good enough to walk in. The other weather forecast says 5C, but let's be positive. I'm positive if I don't go for a hike tomorrow I'll have lost my remaining marbles by tomorrow evening. One of them has just rolled under the sofa, hotly pursued by a cat, and I can't spare any more.

I planned a walk and guesstimated the distance and gave myself such a fright at the total I've gone into denial and can't remember what I thought it came to. I'm going to start early (hah! we'll see about that) to get the best of the light. By the time you in the States all get out of bed tomorrow I'll allegedly be out somewhere thrashing my way through undergrowth, looking for signs of spring. Snowdrops, birds nesting, daffodils, that sort of thing.

One thing we can be certain I'll find.


PS: please don't mention St David's day, one of my colleagues who is Welsh brought in a quantity of welshcakes and I succumbed. Twice.
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