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Eating to Live and 100 pounds gone.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Part of my success in reaching the 100 pounds lost milestone has been in switching from living to eat TO eating to live. It's essential. First a glimpse at the OLD me:

Vacations - I thought more about where we would eat than the sights we would see or the people we would visit.

Date Nights - They were mostly about food and/or shopping for more food.

Free Time - When I was bored I ATE. I didn't even have to be bored, I just ATE.

Bedtime - I was already thinking about what I could EAT the next day not what I could DO.

Rewards - If I finished a task I didn't enjoy or got an unexpected windfall it was always FOOD that was my prize.

BOY did that add up. I topped 350 (still don't know by how much as I didn't have a scale that would go that high until after I had been losing weight for some time). I was living to eat and eating to die.

emoticon Health issues changed all that. SEVERE health issues. Not to dwell on that but after surviving them I vowed to make a change and it's been slow but sure.

It's taken me from June of 2008 to now to do it but I have lost 100 pounds and in the process learned to eat to LIVE.

Here are some of the changes I made:

1) I shop the outer aisles of the grocery (fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and low and no fat dairy).

2) I cook more. I have learned I can prep once for several meals with careful shopping , packaging and freezing (we invested in a small deep freeze).

3) I track EVERYTHING and weigh and measure.

4) I revamp recipes to make old favorites fit my new lifestyle. I make chili with ground turkey. I use plain yogurt instead of sour cream. I use pumpkin or unsweetened applesauce instead of oil in baked goods. I reduce the amount of cheese and butter. I look for ways to incorporate more vegetables I use the blender to puree fruits and vegetables to add to recipes.

5) I eat less processed foods and sugars. I still have sugar but it's in very small quantities and becoming less all the time.

6) I made water my beverage. I have been off ALL sodas since June 2012. It's possible!

7) I don't use food as a reward.

8) I plan vacations with things to do (many active ones) and shop for healthy groceries upon arrival. A small cooler and a trip to the store can save you a lot of calories.

9) Close the kitchen after supper. Put away the leftovers, wash the dishes and turn out the lights.

I just went to the grocery this morning. In the "old" days my basket would be full of junk food, chips, dips, frozen cheeseburgers and pizzas, candies, cookies, pastries, high calorie baked goods, and soft drinks.

My basket today? Asparagus, Strawberries, plain yogurt, skim milk, chicken breasts, turkey, 100% whole wheat light bread, tomatoes, beans, bananas, apples, string cheese, canned vegetables, fire roasted tomatoes, fat free cottage cheese, spices, brown rice and TP (got to have that! HA)

It was a big change and it didn't happen overnight. I began with a few small changes and just kept adding to it. If this former couch potato can do it - you can too.

Stay tuned for more. I don't intend to keep it a secret. My method isn't the ONLY way to lose successfully it's just what worked for me - it might help you too!

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