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Week 1 of 4 for this rotation is done!

Friday, March 01, 2013

March 1st!! I am hear and looking forward to another month of goal setting and sharing with each of you.

I have an exercise rotation in place and as of this morning I finished week 1 of 4. This is what it looked like:

Mon - I did JM's 30 Day Shred Level 1 and circuit training is tough when it incorporates cardio, abs, strength in one session with NO rest in between the exercises! Yeah, it is just 28 minutes but an intense overall

Tue - Pure cardio scheduled and I used the Leslie Sansone Fast 5 Miles dvd walking the first 3 miles and doing the cooldown at the very end. It was approximately a 40 minute walking session...very brisk with some light jogging intervals, too.

Wed - CLX Extreme Intervals is not my best friend this morning. It was even harder to get through compared to the last time I did this circuit. I hate using that stupid stability ball in this Shoulders are my weakest muscles and this stability ball use taxes them. I guess the just reward will be having good looking shoulders later. This woman Chalene Johnson LOVES her squats, too! I stayed with a 5 lb dumbbell set whenever weights were required especially doing a lot of shoulder emphasis. Got in cardio, abs, and strength using this circuit for a full body session.

Thu - Pure cardio scheduled and I used CLX Burn It Off! DVD this morning which had my nose It is a high intensity athletic type of workout those screaming Screamers. It is approximately 30 minutes....short and thorough. Caloric burn 336.

Fri - Debbie Sieber's Keep It Up DVD (40 mins) KICKED my butt by the time she got to the intense floor leg work exercises. I could not do all of the reps but did my best and forgot the rest...LOL!!

It is a total body circuit with lots of squats, plies, and standing abs work. There is some kickboxing and use of resistance tubing to work the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and push-ups for the rest...LOL! I hadn't used this DVD in a year or longer. I love changing up my fitness rotations monthly now so will have this one in the mix for the next 4 weeks. My workout week is done done!

The next 3 weeks will take me through most of March. I am doing a mix of circuit training (cardio, abs, strength) on M, W, F...and a mix of pure cardio workouts on T & Th.

I am going to track water once again because if I don't I will go slacking in this area. I will continue to track my food intake on MyFitnessPal app, too.

Here we go......I will try to update goals on Sundays.

0/896 oz. of straight water
0/21 days of fitness
0 lb / 4 lb weight loss
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