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My own worst Enemy…

Friday, March 01, 2013

So I have been working hard this week. Trying to eat the right foods, exercise a little bit, spend some time in the forums. I jump on the scale this morning and I find…Hey, I’m down 1.5 lbs. Cool right? Keep this up and in no time I…

emoticon Wait a minute… JUST 1.5 lbs? But a year ago I was 10 lbs less than this! Five years ago I was 50 lbs less than this! What is this 1.5 lbs stuff. That isn’t where I want to be!

And so begins the cycle. The rational part of my brain knows that 1.5 lbs is a good thing. It is a step in the right direction and if I keep this up for the next year, I will easily hit my goal. Along the way, I will retrain my body not to crave the things that put me in this situation to begin with. The extra time will allow my body to adjust slowly, to replace the lost fat with new muscle. I can slowly rebuild my wardrobe instead of …

emoticon Shut up you loser! Those guys on TV lose like 20 lbs a week and they look miserable doing it. They are out there running and lifting and hurling their guts out! What have you done? You went for a 2 mile walk. Bah…you could do more. You don’t want it enough. Just go eat a donut and wash it down with a milkshake.

I try to keep this guy pushed down, but he really doesn’t have patience for this stuff. It is really more of an all or nothing proposition for him. He wants to be able to go out and run a marathon or play Basketball for hours on end. He can’t and it ticks him off until he goes to the fridge to make himself feel better. I’m really hoping to starve him out…
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    Thanks everybody for the comments!

    1898 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    When that guy comes around my place, I endeavor to grind him down into the ground with a particularly hardcore workout. Most times, it's successful.

    Good luck!
    1908 days ago
    I actually went to the gym last night after an 11 hour day at work and did about 35 min on the treadmill at an average pace of 3.0, then did about 25 min of strength training. As I was leaving I realized I hadn't really worked up a serious heart rate and got a little flushed during my sprints but nothing that had me dripping in sweat like some people. I started to get a bit upset that I didn't push myself to that point then I realized...I'm at the gym. I'm doing SOMETHING. As that one quote states, "you're still ahead of the guy sitting on the couch" and I was. So I may not have kicked my own ass but I burned calories, I made an effort, I did SOMETHING.
    1908 days ago
    I have tried to lose weight quickly before. The big problem -- it is impossible to keep up the extreme diets! I have stayed with Spark SO much longer than any of the fad diets, and that is SO much better for my health than yo-yo dieting. (I lasted 3-4 months with other diets, like South Beach and Weightwatchers. 2+ years with Spark so far. With the other diets, I already had re-gained weight by the end of 2 years.)

    So I DO think the slow and steady approach is better because it LASTS
    1908 days ago
    You have to make that inner voice say nice things to you, or it is going to bite you in the butt. Listening to it will only make you fat.
    Be proud, you are doing it, and if the journey is harder than however many years ago, you are learning and changing.
    I say GOOD FOR YOU

    Don't Give Up...
    1908 days ago
    My first thought was HIde The Scale! Lol. Sometimes it's what you have to do. I have only lost 3-4 pounds in three months. I slip occasionally and eat the wrong things. I work out several days a week though and have really changed my eating habits so that most of what I eat is healthy. And only 3-4 pounds gone. But! I have went down a pants size.
    Listen to what your clothes are telling you. Not the scale or the measuring tape.
    The scale can't tell you that you're replacing fat with muscle. And if you don't have the measuring tape spot on everytime it's hard to tell that way as well.
    But when your clothes start falling off you'll know what you're doing is worth it. It might take awhile (it took me 3 months) but even if you're moving slower than what you wanted at least you're moving in the right direction.
    Don't sweat it! Just keep going! Fight your inner self that is scared of failure. And embrace the part of you who knows that that 1.5 lbs is a good thing!
    1908 days ago
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