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There’s a hole in my new tights! Stupid dog owner!

Friday, March 01, 2013

It was a little dog, a leashed dog. So far so good.
I was running along the sidewalk in town as a woman in her bathrobe came towards me walking her dog. I moved into the street so they could have the whole sidewalk to themselves. The friendly dog decided to greet me and the extendable leash allowed him to do that. He jumped up on me as I went by. Only when I got home did I notice the tiny hole made by his toenail.

While I’m on the subject of stupid pet owners, I might as well continue.

Back at the lake the problem is loose dogs. The worst case was the owner of a black lab who went to work each day letting the dog run free. She was a nice dog and wanted company – MY company.
More than once she chased my elderly mother into the house. The dog nearly outweighed my frail mother and her attempts to play were dangerous. I wasn’t a fan of the dead rabbits she brought us as presents either.

If I wanted to interact with a dog, I would own one.
Surely if I talked to the owner, this situation will stop, right?
His response:
We don’t allow our animals in the house.
I can’t afford a fence.
It’s cruel to chain up a dog.
Maybe I should just shoot it.

Notice I use the past tense in describing the situation. It’s a country road and the poor dog was killed by a car. Now that’s cruel and definitely not the driver’s fault.

My immediate problem – what to do about the hole in my tights?
Even on clearance these were the most expensive tights I’ve ever bought. Now I’m wondering what I should do. In the old days when we got a run in our nylons, we dabbed some nail polish on it to prevent it going further. That doesn’t seem right. I suppose I could put a few stitches in it. This is just very annoying.

I guess this qualifies as a rant. So be it.

Edit: Coughing and wheezing this morning (caught DH's cold) has contributed to my annoyed attitude. Sorry for the negativity. My blog this morning was supposed to be about how great the new tights felt and how much I liked them.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Honestly, I could write a book on rude pet owners; specifically, their dogs being walked and the behaviors they manifest. Suffice
    it to say, it is sometimes beyond tolerable.
    1903 days ago
    Grrrr. So sorry about your tights. Hope you see that lady out with her dog again and offer her the chance to reimburse you for the damage. In the meantime: darn! Yeah, literally . . . from the inside, a little weaving??
    1904 days ago
    Oww, that hurts to get your new tights snagged. And you don't have anything to show for it but a dog snag. Sounds like it's big enough for a stitch or two. So on top of that you are sharing a cold. Yes, it's ratty. Go blow your nose and dream of giving that dog a piece of your mind, after all he has a piece of your tights.
    emoticon emoticon
    1905 days ago
    I hate irresponsible and inconsiderate pet owners. I've been aggressively threatened by numerous dogs while out jogging, and there is nary an owner in sight to control them and keep them from biting me/chasing me. And once I did get bitten by a stupid little dachshund while the owner was RIGHT THERE and didn't have the dog on a leash and the yard's fence was just the kind that wouldn't keep any animal out because they could run right under the lower rung.

    Anyways. I'm sorry about your dog experiences. I love puppies, but not while I'm trying to mind my own business and exercise. And definitely not when they put holes in my clothes! Sorry about your tights. I'm sure a few stitches will work just fine, but I totally understand your annoyance. You shouldn't have to stitch them! People should keep their dogs close! Those extendable leashes have locking mechanisms to prevent the dog from running off wherever it wants if the owner actually chooses to try to control it. Not cool.
    1906 days ago
  • DONNA5281
    People shouldn't have a dog if they can't take care of it. He just let it run loose and look what happened.
    I'm sorry about your tights.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    1906 days ago
    That guy should not have been allowed to have a dog! As for the little ankle biter that took out your tights, grrrrrrr!

    There are some dogs on our jogging/walking route that used to charge into the street growling, barking, hackles raised, so I started carrying a stick. The guy across the street from the dogs tried to tell me they were harmless, but I shot back that their actions did not convey harmless to me. He must have said something, because soon after, I noticed the tell-tale flags of a new invisible fence being put in.
    1906 days ago
    Grrr...that's one of my pet-peeves (pun intended). I love dogs, but I hate having ANY dog running at/after me while I'm running. The stupid owner always says something they think is soothing, like "oh, he's very friendly...wouldn't hurt a flea", but usually i almost trip myself trying to avoid stepping on it or kicking it. I just mutter a curse of a huge vet bill on them and move on :)
    1906 days ago
    Stupid dog owner. emoticon I second the darning idea. I did that with my Promise Land 2007 shorts when I caught them on my garden fence and tore a little hole. But at least it was my stupid mistake and not someone else's fault.
    1906 days ago
    That is aggravating! Why own a dog if you can't take care of it! My daughter got bit by a loose dog once and the owners were furious that their dog had to be quarantined for a period (at their expense) - they said they simply couldn't afford it. No thought to my daughter's condition or the fact that she would have to get the rabies vaccinations if the animal wasn't quarantined!!

    Good luck mending your tights! That is terrible, especially with brand new ones...
    1906 days ago
    Sorry about your rough beginning to the day. Get some tea with honey and take care of yourself. ONEKIDSMOM told you about darning, I recommend it, but I understand your frustration. I get frustrated because neighbors let their dog use my corner lot as a potty park, or run free. I'd be upset if they ruined my new clothes too.
    Hugs GF.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    1906 days ago
    I hate retractable leashes--mainly because I've never had the brains to figure them out, or they break on me. Having two dachshunds on leash is hard enough, never mind mastering the fine-motor coordination required to extend and retract them individually! Even on their regular leashes, I go through gyrations like an Olympic ribbon twirler trying to keep them in line and untangled.

    Luckily, our neighbors don't wear tights, and my dogs are small enough not to be a tip-over threat. Dozer, the giant black lab up the street, is a different story. He isn't named 'Dozer because he naps a lot either!
    1906 days ago
    Wow, I hope you find a solution.
    1906 days ago
    how annoying am frightened of dogs as one attacked me when I was younger also I do not like the dog's saliva on my clothes I wear saris & silk ones have to be dry cleaned so avoid visiting people who have dogs
    1906 days ago
  • ANDI571
    I love animals but get so aggravated at those who don't take care of them. Our neigbor has a broken wrist and had to have surgery because her neighbor couldn't say no to a kitten their 5 year old daughter wanted to keep around. The kitten had her own kittens. Everytime Amy came home all three would be at her door trying to get food, because they only got fed when thought about. She didn't see them one night and they tripped her. The kittens are now gone because her boyfriend took matters in his own hands.

    Our neighbor just bought a puppy. Same thing. They let it out, but in the front yard. I have been woken up the past week at 6:30 in the morning because it is barking to get back in the house. I also have a hole in my purse where we were in a pet shop at the mall, and the girl had one of the puppies on an extend leash. She let the puppy wrap around my legs, from the back of me, I didn't see it coming. While I was trying to get untangled, it grapped my purse and put a hole in it.

    I hope you can repair them, but even at that, it is just never the same is it?
    1906 days ago
  • KANOE10
    I hear your frustration as these workout clothes that we treasure are expensive. I also am irritated by loose dogs running up and barking at me when I walk. Sometimes I have even carried a stick.

    I do not know how to repair the tights..try googling?

    1906 days ago
    I'm a dog owner. Big dogs, comparitively speaking. My "small" greyhound weighs in at 59 pounds. My dogs are always either in a fenced yard, in my house, or on a leash. Period.

    I abhor those extendable leashes. Dog might as well not be leashed. It can still run right into the street in front of a car, run 10 to 15 feet from it's owner and annoy another dog or person.

    Worst thing is someone with a small dog on an extendable leash when I'm walking my greyhounds. Me: "Please keep your dog back." Them: "Oh, he's fine with other dogs." Fortunately, the two I have now are "everything-safe." I've fostered greyhounds that would view that little bouncy dog as a tasty snack.
    1906 days ago
    I hate it when a new piece of clothing is ruined by a single animal-induced hole! I recently had this happen with a free t-shirt (from the blood bank) and my own cat. Even thought the shirt was "free" and it was my own cat... I was annoyed. I can imagine it's much worse when it was NOT your animal and you paid a good price for those tights.

    So... my recommendation is darning. My mother taught me how to darn socks back when I was young. You stitch around the hole first, so it doesn't keep growing. Then you weave threads across the hole and pull tight to close it.

    Good luck!
    1906 days ago
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