Fantastic Friday

Friday, March 01, 2013

I am the happiest I have been in so long. For any one that has chronic pain or has had bad back pain anytime you will understand. The dog woke me at 5;30 making that vomiting noise. I got out of bed, to see where she was and such and she was okay tiny bit of bile for those worried about Alile LOL but I got back in bed and realized OMG OMG I just plain ole got up. Usually in the night or first time in am, I have to sit up, few deep breaths, stand, wait, hold the door frame and hobble bent over for the first 2 feet or so. I just got up!

Yesterday wasn't a good day for pain in my knee, I nearlly buckled a few times the pain in the back would sort of kink and I felt as if it was going to give. My back wasn't good either. I got frustrated cos hubby was being sympathetic but not helping. Not much good when you say boy oyou aren't walking well but don't offer to walk the dog. Oh well got quiet, he knew something was up, probably knew why. He helped a bit with supper and did take her out. Later I took her to dd to play with her sister and tire her out. So was a good eve and all is fine.

BUT I am really going to make sure I walk, sit, walk not just sit, I am going to remember to do my posture stuff and see how long I can be on a lower than 7 pain scale!!!
Now is it the weather change as I am a barometer, the naturopath regime, the SierraSil or losing 8 lbs. I don't know sure it is a combo but hey!!! For now, in this moment I am so pleased.

Now off to walk around the house lol. I also got my yarn for my spring scarf so may do a bit of that cos I can sit, stand and then stop.

HUGS and I am jumping for joy...Not! lol but definately moving easier!

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