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Friday, March 01, 2013

Day one of my new challenge. I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down at the computer, motivated and ready to make the most out of a new month only to fail because I did not remain consistent with my goals. I think part of success is recognizing where you have failed in the past, facing it head on and then moving forward knowing where you can improve.

I need to set aside time each day to log my foods and record my daily results. For me it is key. It may be different for others but for me, logging my daily intake and fitness is what helped me get to where I am today. Speaking of where I am today, I had a hard dose of reality this morning when I stepped on the scale and took my measurements. I am about 4 inches up over all and my weight, well it has increased so much I feel almost embarrassed to say, but I need to in order to move on. I have gained 14.8 lbs since my all time low in 2011 and I have gained 8.6 lbs since July when I was at my leanest. I was heavier at this time but I was strength training and leaner than before, it is my goal to get back to where I was in July by my 36th birthday in May.

I am hoping to lose 8 lbs this month and try as hard as I can to lose another 2 or 3 lbs the month of April....but let's get through March first. 8 lbs in a month is huge for me so this will be an enormous challenge...but not impossible!

As I said yesterday, there is no need to sit and feel sorry for myself. I just need to work hard to do something about it. If April 1st arrives and I have not given my 100%, then I have no one to blame but myself. If April 1st comes and I did my best, I worked hard and left nothing back but I did not reach my weight loss goals, then I can rest in knowing I did all that I could and I will be proud.

Now, blogging does not make the weight come off, it takes ACTION so here is my plan for this next week, then I will leave you, get off of the computer, and head out to enjoy this glorious day with my baby girl and savor this precious time!

I am just now getting well after being sick for a week so if my workouts look short this next week, it is because I am recovering.....

Schedule for 3/1 - 3/8....

Friday 3/1 -
Goal....just MOVE! Head out to walk the trails with my girl. For my ST, my goal is to finish a simple, fast circuit workout just to get my body back to working out....still a bit sick so it will be so very light.

ST for today -
Push ups - 50 military reps
Pull ups - 10 reps unassisted in sets of as many as I can
KB two arm swings - 100 reps
Chops with sumo squat - 100 reps with MB

Nutrition for today -
Clean! Clean! Clean! Stay away from the bread, it does me NO good. Focus on lean proteins, greens and super good fats....avocado, coconut oil etc...

Saturday 3/2 -
Walk/Run 3 miles
Push ups - 50 reps
Pull ups - 10 reps

Sunday 3/3 -
Same as Saturday

Monday 3/4 -
ST workout at gym
Run intervals on tread as part of ST circuit

Tuesday 3/5 -
Rest, stretch and PT

Wednesday 3/6 -
Same as Monday

Thursday 3/7 -
Walk/Run 5 miles

Friday 3/8 -
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