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Week 4 BSG Reflecting Back on 2013 and jokes

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 4 BSG Blog Assignment - Roses Team - Reflecting Back on 2013
Our blog assignment for this week's BSG challenge is to reflect back on what's been going on in my life for the first two months of 2013. What is the best thing that has happened in my life? Do I feel I am making progress, whether it be physical or mental? Have I experienced any “A-HA” moments or personal victories?
Okay the best thing I have going for this month is my online coach Kristie Faulkner and her team. I lost a aunt during this time almost lost another aunt. My sis mother in law who is like a unt to me is now in a nursing home. But through this all my coach have tried to get me look at positive thing. She very good at that as well as helping you lose weight and keep it off. Yes I am making progress mentally./ I can handle stress must better, I also getting healthier. My aha moment is realizing I can handle stress without food or wine. Physicia;l I feel better and I actually walk a 5k on the treadmill in less than a hour.
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The Daily Joke - 28th February
An old man was on his deathbed.

He wanted badly to take all his money with

He called his priest, his doctor and his lawyer to his bedside.

"Here's $30,000 cash to be held by each of you. I trust you to put this in my coffin when I die so I can take all my money with me."

At the funeral, each man put an envelope in the coffin.

Riding away in a limousine, the priest suddenly
broke into tears and confessed that he had only put $20,000 into the envelope because he needed $10,000 for a new baptistery.

"Well, since we're confiding in each other," said the doctor, "I only put $10,000 in the envelope because we needed a new machine at the hospital which cost $20,000."

The lawyer was aghast. "I'm ashamed of both of you," he exclaimed. "I want it known that when I put my envelope in that coffin, it held my personal check for the full $30,000."
Two Jewish businessmen meet in a restaurant for a lunch suggested by one of them.

The first says, "I have a good deal for you. When I was in Florida, I went to the town where the circus stays during the winter. I happened to pick up an elephant. I could let you have it for a thousand dollars."

The other businessman sipped his martini and said, "What are you, crazy? What am I going to do with an elephant? I live in a condo. I barely have room for my furniture. I can't even squeeze in an end table. So I'm going to buy an elephant?"

The first businessman said, "I could let you have three of them for two grand."

"Oh," said the other, "now you're talking!"

Traffic Violations
"What am I supposed to do with this?" grumbled the motorist as the police clerk handed him a receipt for his traffic violation.

"Keep it," the clerk advised. "When you get four of them, you get a bicycle."

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