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Thursday, February 28, 2013

But I did the kickboxing workout anyway. Or at least my version of it.

Ms. Smarmy (one of my alter egos) smugly told me that I couldn't do it.

Since I put her in the same category of kickboxing, I knew I had to at least make a showing of it.

So click on the video and get started.

Sure enough, there's my Torture Coach..........Nicole. I might have known she would be doing the kickboxing thing.

So at the beginning, I am doing exceedingly well with my marching in place and then doing that little dip thing and the upper cut at the same time. I'm cool. I'm really into this one.

Then it all changes. She wants me to do some side thing and punch and move my feet and bend the knees.................I begin to lose it.

But I don't quit!

We move on to a different thing that I seem to remember her doing jumping jacks and kicking or something like that. I try to do a jumping jack, and manage two of them. Admittedly, not quite as co-ordinated as Ms. Torture seems to do, but I did get in TWO of them. I switch to the jump rope thing just to keep my body in movement.

HA! I KNEW she could see me through the screen!!! She starts doing her version of jump rope, being a copy cat. Sure sure. Hers look a bit more professional, but if she is COPYING ME, for Pete's sake, shouldn't she at least be doing it MY way???

Then she comes up with this idea of round house kicking. Right. I backed up the video three times and still couldn't figure that one out.

By now, dear reader, I am looking like a frantic frog in a blender. My cat hisses and leaves the room.

Nicole is doing something with her legs, so I do something with my legs too.

My workout is a bit like a scarecrow hooked up to electric shock therapy.

But I keep moving. Give me credit for that, at least!!

I do one really good kick to Ms. Smarmy's face. SHE leaves the room too, all in a huff. Good riddance.

Ah, here it comes. The stretch time. I LIKE stretch time!! I joyfully do my stretches, count for my ten minute workout from hell, and am off to the rest of my day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I feel ya. Not a fan of kickboxing but have given it try. Also tried some other videos with kick boxing moves but they get all fired up about "kick your opponent in the face" or " punch 'em in the jaw" and I get turned off by the violent attempts at motivation. Thank goodness Nicole doesn't take that approach. When I come across a kickboxing workout that I want to try, i just modify as necessary to get a workout but not feel like i'm smashing someone's face in.
    1928 days ago
    Oh, I remember that video and I'm sure you looked more coordinated than I did. Don't you wish there was a button that allowed us to see the movements in slow motion? Maybe then I could master, no just do, the round house kick. And about those jumping jacks - my "girls" are huge and jumping jacks HURT.
    emoticon emoticon
    1935 days ago
    HAHAHAHAHA !! I WAS going to SIGN OFF for the night and GO TO BED !! I am DAWG GONE TIRED and MY EARS are a FLOPPING DOWN !! BUT !! I saw you did a BLOG about EXERCISE and I COULD NOT pass it UP !! I've read them in the past,,, and they are ALWAYS A HOOT and well worth my while of staying up to read !!

    LOLOLOLOLOL I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED !!! LOL GAL you ALWAYS get me to a HOOTING AND HOLLARING !!! I USED to live alone so this was A OK !! BUT Shhhhh can't you write with MORE QUIETER fingers,,, for yeah,,,,,,,, I about WOKE UP EVERYONE in the house !! LOLOLOL ! I AM SURE in the AM I WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS ONE !! "What WERE YOU LAUGHIN SO HARD ABOUT at 3:30AM?? S SOME OF US were "TRYINGGGGG" to SLEEP" !!! and they have their GRUMPY faces, but I will simply remember ur words,,,,and inside I'll start to GIGGLE ALL OVER ALL AGAIN !!! Prob GIGGLE OUT LOUD !!!! That'll be IT !!!

    I'm going to start packing my bags.

    THANKS A LOT !!!!

    here kitty !! here KITTY !!!

    1937 days ago
    Loved the laugh! Keep working. We do some kicks in our show and I have to lift my legs high, it is work.
    1937 days ago
    Man - you got me howlin on that one! Sounds like me when I start those videos. Chin up, if you are as uncoordinated as I am you'll have her mastered in about three months (for me I mean that one video)! Stick to it - that is what you did - WAY AWESOME!!!!You get my vote for Motivator of the Day! Way to Spark it up!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1937 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I LOVE that vid!! Besides, look at her face and how can she be leading you down to deaths door?? That innocent face??

    Next time you do it, you will be prepared!! Great job of doing it anyway!!
    1937 days ago
    OMG...I'm rolling on the floor!! Great interpretation of the kickboxing video...and Ms. Nicole can be torturous, but at least she's sweet about it...

    emoticon emoticon
    1937 days ago
    1937 days ago
    Congratulations on completing the kickboxing workout. Practice makes perfect.
    1937 days ago
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