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Liam offeres me some good advice and menu ideas for work

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well, I finally hopped on the scale this week and was not unhappy to see that I have only gained a pound or so through all of this. I'm not even going to change my ticker until more time has gone by because with all of the exercise from the commute walking to and from the kid's school and barnehage each day (an hour and fifteen minutes twice a day) I suspect the weight will come off rather quickly. I should be tracking the fitness minutes but I haven't been tracking my food lately so I haven't bothered. My eating has been OK...not great...I am still kind of in survival mode from the move.

Quintessa was home sick the past few days...poor thing. She had been invited to the birthday party of one of the girls in her class and had to miss it. A little sad for the new girl. It has been a hard couple of has been a messy illness requiring lots of laundry and trips in and out of the shower for her. I have been fairly exhausted from all of it too not to mention Liam has been home of course and being four years old, needs a fair amount of attention. Poor little guy...I must be telling him things like this a lot these days "you are going to have to learn to put on your own are going to have to learn to share are going to have to learn not to spill all your dinner on the floor all the time". Why do I say that? Yesterday we had an incident where he was using the toilet and refused to get off even though his sister was desperate...I did what I had to do! Later that night he came up to me and told me "Mommy, you are going to have to learn not to just run up to people, pull them off the toilet and wipe their bums when they don't want you to!" Really good advice.

In the midst of all of this I have been trying to come up with some ideas for this restaurant I am going to work in for a couple of days. Patrick has been there for the past two days and he has really enjoyed the people and the atmosphere. They are really good at what they do. The restaurant is part of the same company we now work for but not where we will work. I have no idea what to expect but Patrick says that the chef is really open and is looking for menu help from me. The restaurant is part of the hotel we stayed in our first night is in a olf fish processing serves only seafood. It also has some Asian influence. I have also notices that they do some interesting and unusual combinations on the rest of their menu. The kitchen space is very small and they have a student doing the pastry work so I have to take that into consideration in my planning. He has to be able to do in on his own. Fortunately they currently have only three dessert items on the changes every fours weeks but I am told they have a really good cheesecake that does not need changing.

I will have a conversation with the chef but how about I share my preliminary thoughts with you and then report back what happens? My brain has been all up in this for about three days. Here is what I got:

One of these two concepts for a fruit dessert...I don't actually know what they have on hand though...

!. Lemongrass panna cotta with a pea shoot salad (pea shoots, Asian pear, super thin carrot strips, fresh mango and citrus syrup), smoked mango fillet, sesame seed tuile cookie, sweet sesame seed sauce and green tea gelee...maybe the panna cotta should sit on a citrus sponge cake base

2. Roasted Pineapple with thyme and Szechuan pepper served with herbed shortbread, honey ginger ice cream, oven dried pineapple chips, coconut foam and large flake vanilla sea salt

I also have an idea for a chocolate dessert...

1. Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with goat cheese ice cream, sea salted pistachio brittle, Candied Kalamata Olive salad (with crumbled goat cheese, candied orange zest and toasted chocolate cookie crumbles), Olive oil infused chocolate sauce and garnished with crispy cocoa sticks

2....I should have another idea for an alternative chocolate dessert and I have lots of notes but I just keep getting bored and just sort of hope they go with the above dessert...figs could be substituted if olives are just too out there...

I also have some ideas for their cheese cake involving coffee and oranges but I don't know if they want to change what they are doing.

I am looking forward to it and have all my notes and recipes...I have two days with them...I wonder what will come of it.

Well, I should get a move on...Patrick will be home soon. He has been out across the fjord to a farm. I think he is arranging for the farmer to plant vegetables for us at the restaurant. I wonder if it was a fun I have been sitting here I have seen rain, snow, sideways rain, sleet and now we are back to snow again...not to mention howling winds!

Thanks for reading...I'll report back when I'm done with my stodge.

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    emoticon Out of the mouths of babes!

    Your desserts sound spectacular, especially the chocolate olive oil cake.
    1938 days ago
    So sorry to hear sweet Quintessa has not been feeling well. There will be other birthday parties but that is difficult to explain to a little one. Liam is hilarious. But it is so true. :)

    Your deserts sound wonderful and so elaborate. I love ginger icecream. Oh and anything chocolate.

    Sounds exciting to visit a farm and plan a large garden for Patrick's new menu. I would love that part of the job.

    Wishing you well from afar my dear friend. I think of you often.:)

    ~ K

    1939 days ago
    Hope Quin is feeling better, and Liam is sharing the toilet better! You certainly have had your hands full there lately! Spring is on the way here, so maybe that will help ease up your stress there soon!

    The desserts all sound wonderful...I'd try the chocolate with the figs or olives (although that does sounds strange, sometimes it's the strange combinations that are the delightful surprises!) You are so creative in your combinations....I can't wait to see what you end up with!
    1940 days ago
    Oh the joys of being a parent.
    Those deserts sound supper delicious. You have access to lemon grass - I have live in Squamish and have to travel to Vancouver to the Asian markets to buy this. I was surprise you seemly have ready supply of it.
    1940 days ago
    I had to check to read if I replied to this. I started reading it but work was so busy yesterday I had no time to respond.

    I am so sorry to hear about Quintessa. What a terrible start. Great advise from your DS by the way. Goodness it is hard when things get so hectic. These are the tings I refer to when I talk about get stressed by little things the pups are doing. I can't imagine 2 kids. You are amazing.

    Your desert ideas sound absolutely amazing. Incredible. I can't wait to hear all about it. I am so excited for you!
    1940 days ago
    Poor Quintessa! I hope she is better quick! i know it's not fun for her, but I read your comments from Liam to the Man...
    emoticon What a clever young man you have!

    Amazing ideas on the desserts! As much as I love olives, I'd vote for the figs. You know I love figs! Did you bring the tree? Anything herbal in shortbread gets my votes every time. Doing rosemary, cracked peppercorn shortbread next week. Yummmy!
    1941 days ago
    1941 days ago
    Oh, my goodness!! Those desserts sound phenomenal!! I could be your taste-tester if you want to send me a sample. emoticon
    I hope Quintessa is feeling much better. Tell Liam he gives very insightful advice, too.
    Good luck with the new job. I am sure they will adore you there!!
    Sending you lots of hugs!!
    1941 days ago
    Wow! What amazing desserts! I can't even imagine what the olive one would taste like, and I love the idea of lemongrass too. So refreshing!
    Hang in there. Sounds like you are going a great job!!!
    1941 days ago
    I love the chocolate dessert, but I am choco-biased!

    Sorry to hear about Quin's illness, but there will be more birthday parties to come. Oh man, that Liam has got wit!
    1942 days ago
    Your Liam sounds so cute and very bright! Poor Quintessa! I do hope that she gets invited to another birthday party soon. It is so hard trying to make new friends.
    Your desserts sound amazing! I coming to Norway!!!

    1942 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/28/2013 6:16:26 PM
    I'm surprised you have the mental wherewithall to be dreaming up such amazing desserts! Wow....I was thinking of making a graham cracker pie one of these days. That's as far as I get. :)
    Poor lil' Quin..hope she's well soon! Sounds like she's going to fit in just fine, if she'd already gotten a birthday invite. And Liam...what can I say? Such a stinker....just like a boy should be.
    1942 days ago
  • TERRYT55
    I'm so sorry Quin is not feeling well.....My grand-daughter had the same kind of night this week with multiple trips to the bathroom for her and the washing machine for my daughter. Hope she is better soon. I love Liam telling you what you have to learn.

    I eat such simple food that I have a hard time imagining some of the flavors but I would love to try the roasted pineapple dessert. I've never heard of vanilla sea salt but intend to look for it. I love anything vanilla! The chocolate olive oil cake with candied olives is something else I'd like to try........I love anything olive as well!

    I can't imagine walking in the weather you describe to get the kids to school and barnehage. I'll bet you burn way more calories walking in the cold and snow than I do in our temperate CA weather!

    Take care......I love reading about you adventures in Norway!
    1942 days ago
    I hope your daughter is feeling better. It's tough being sick when you're a kid. Big bummer that she had to miss that birthday party. Well, the good news is that I'm sure she'll be invited to more birthdays in future. Something seems to be going around. lots of people sick here too.

    Now, Liam. There's a precocious young man. You're going to have to be careful what you say to him. He's got a keen memory and a sharp intellect for his age. Of course, I've noticed some men do seem to enjoy sitting on the toilet even though their business is done. Was he reading the sports page. eh-hem.... must be a guy thing. LOL !!!

    I have a friend who sits on the john and reads the paper and here I am going,"are you done yet ?"

    and OMG, candied kalamata olive salad sounds absolutely divine !! I have never ever had a candied olive. I need to find your restaurant !!

    1942 days ago
    Quin must be feeling terrible with the stree of moving, starting at a new school, and then getting sick. It sounds like the move has added stress to Liam's life as well. Your desserts sound wonderful. The pineapple one really interested me and so did the chocolate olive oil cake.
    1942 days ago
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