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My mini trampoline work out--best workout ever!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Warm up--Stand on mat and keep feet in contact with mat at all times. Push down on heels. You can feel spine adjusting and stretching. Continue for 2-3 minutes.

Prance--Knees push out alternately as the heel as of bent knee leaves mat. Keep the ball of foot in contact with the mat. This feels good in the arch of the foot.
Note : As your ankles and feet get more flexible, you can bring the toes underneath your heel and get a pull in the front of the foot and ankle.

Toe-Toe Heel--Heel--Feet together raise up on the ball of the foot and jump twice. ( toe-toe ) Then lift toes off the mat and be on the heels and jump twice ( heel--heel ). repeat 6 times.

Forward kicks--Alternating kicking feet forward, keeping knees straight on the kick out and arm alternately moving.

Side kicks--Alternately kick feet to the side as far as possible.

Backward kick--Alternating kicking lags back keeping legs straight as possible.

Leg swings--Right leg swings forward as the left on stays on the mat. As the right leg comes down as the right leg comes down the left leg swings back. Repeat this. Then switch legs and repeat.

Shuffle walk--Shuffle the feet back and forth. Arms alternating with feet. Its like mimicking walking but staying in 1 spot.

Jogging--Jog or run in place. You can vary how high you bring your knees. I try to do a 90 degree angle from body.

Jumping jacks--Jump, landing with feet at least shoulder width apart, at the same time swing arms from sides to over head. When coming down I try to slightly bend my knees and push off with them to get a little bit more of a lift out of them. Be careful if you have lower ceilings.

Waist twist--Start in a side straddle ( legs open ) and twist at the waist and hips to alternately bring the legs and feet to the front. ( washing machine action )

Foot slap--Bend the knees alternately and bring the foot ( sole up ) to the side as you slap it with your hand.

Arm circles--Stand on map and do jumps ( like jump rope ) You can also do crawl stroke, single arm circles, double arm circles. PLEASE NOTE for back stroke and breast stroke: You can also do back stoke and breast stroke these are harder to do and you don't want to be jumping hardly, just kind of bouncing a tiny tiny amount. If you are jumping to much you could dislocate your shoulder.

Inner thigh jump---Jump and land in a side stride, jump and cross right foot over left, . Jump and land in a side straddle , jump and cross left foot over right. Repeat.

Cross legs--Jump crossing right foot over left, then left over right. Repeat as fast as possible.

Combination--Jump and land in a side straddle,jump and land with feet together, jump and land with feet crossed left over right, jump and land with feet together. Repeat and alternate the crossing of the left and right feet.

Hop--Hop on one foot for 5-10 counts. Switch foot.

Round the clock--Bend the back knee and hop on that foot while the front leg has no weight on it but guides the body to travel like a second hand around the clock. Go around 3 times and reverse using alternate leg. NOTE : stop if you feel dizzy.

I put little ankle and wrist weight on too to get some calisthenics and toning also.
Also I do 100 of each exercise, instead of watching a clock and doing 2 min intervals or something similar I just count to 100 for each one. It takes me usually about 30-35 mn to do this work out. Been doing it since i was a kid. Guess I am kinda anal about doing same number on each Except for exercise: round the clock I only do the 3 times like it say easy to get dizzy on that one.

This is the work out that my mom had when I was a kid not sure where she got it, from the people / company she bought trampoline from, or who. But i also have a really old book on jumping on the trampoline that was my moms too. Its in storage right now so I don't know author or full name of book and some of the exercise might be from out of the book possibly.

But I consider this to be one of the best workout ever. You work probably every muscle in the body from all these different exercises. Great toning for thighs, and feel it in all the stomach muscles. My second year in college I jump on my trampoline almost every day and it was the only work out I did besides sit ups and butt crunches and it was the top two times I had been in the best shape i had ever been in. The other time was about 2 years ago from doing 2-3 hours of waking a day.

Hope you all find this useful!!! Have a great day!!
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