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Great Dr. Check up today!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I had a great check up with my Dr. today! About 7 mos ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I had a very high stress job and I had been in and out to see her for about a year with an old neck injury that had flared back up and we had been trying different things. They had known for over a year that my BP was running high but thought it was pain of my neck and stress. I was trying to control the stress the best I could and we had found a couple of things that had my neck pain gone. I went in for a follow up a couple of months after and they diagnosed me then with the high blood pressure! It took about a month and trial of a couple of meds. We found one that seemed to work. I got laid off from my high stress job about the time we found the right med. I saw her a couple of months later for being sick. She was happy it was coming down but not quite where it needed to be yet, keep taking the meds and we will discuss it more when I come in for my 6 mos check up. Today was my 6 mos check up. She was so pleased with my blood pressure it is running back in normal range WOO HOO!
She hated I was laid off but thought it had been good for my health. I told her all the changes that I had made in the last month and my progress so far. We discussed my nutrition, and fitness and she was pleased. I was concerned about vitamins and supplements and she said what I was doing was perfect and didn't need any. Just make sure to keep getting in all the freggies! The best news is that she now is concerned it could go to low. She wants me to start taking my BP before I take my meds now and monitor it during the day. So I may not even need to take the meds or start cutting down to half a pill. I don't take a very high dose anyway but none would sure be better! She wants to see me back in 6 more mos to see where I am then! I told her there was gonna be a whole lot less of me to see and she agreed that if I stayed on the path I was on that there wouldn't! Nothing like positive reinforcement to make me want to work even harder! So glad to have my head out of my *** and back here!
I am going to get off the meds! I am gonna work hard to make sure I stay healthy so that as I get older I don't need any! I know that things can happen but I have the power to prevent a lot and I am going to make sure I do! I have the power to eat right and make healthy choices about my life and I will do what it takes! Now off to work out even though I was taking a rest day cause I am so stoked!!
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