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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It all started on Friday, February 15th... *cue flashback/dream sequence music*

I saw on Twitter that our favorite burger joint was having a 1st birthday celebration on Saturday the 16th - specials, cake, all that jazz! Brad and I decided that we would go there for lunch on Saturday. Saturday, Feb 16th is a special day for us. In 2008, when Brad and I were dating long distance, he took his first visit to me, and on Feb 16th, we did a 17 hour date, so this was kind of our way to celebrate a 5th anniversary of sorts.

We got to the burger joint on Saturday, Feb 16th - one day until due date!

I am not much for spicy food. I'll eat my share of curry or Thai style heat, but I'm not much for hot hot spicy food. I think "Hmmm...I wonder about that Old Wives' Tale about eating spicy food inducing labor"...

So I order the TNT burger. This thing has TNT-rated pepperoni, jalapenos, and jack cheese on it. I added extra jalapenos and hot sauce. It was the spiciest dang thing I have ever eaten in my life. I joked with the owner/chef that I was eating this burger in the hopes of inducing labor.

That was around noon. I wanted to go do some browsing around/shopping for pantry storage items, but Brad wanted to enjoy his day off at home with his video games. I dropped him off at home and went on my way to some home decor stores.

As I'm walking around the stores, starting around 2pm, I start getting some minor contractions. I was thinking they were Braxton Hicks - or the fake/practice contractions. I thought it was just from walking around all day. I get to Walmart (Brad ordered ice cream), and I was planning on going back to a store I had seen the ideal storage solution in. Then the contraction got a little stronger - I couldn't easily walk/talk through it.

So I texted Brad - "I'm getting your ice cream and coming home. I miiiiiigghhht be having contractions."

I get home, and I just chill on the couch. Thinking they are Braxton Hicks, I just figure "I need to rest, I have been on my feet, these will pass". But just for fun, I start timing the contractions - did you know there's an app for that?

This is around 3:30pm - and they are like 20-35 minutes apart, only lasting about 20 seconds, and I'm just chilling on my couch.

At 4:30pm I decide to BAKE A CAKE. I had planned for my Little Suzie Homemaker adventure that day to bake a cake.

So I'm in early labour, baking a cake. My contractions are now only about 11 minutes apart, lasting 45 seconds. Did you know it's difficult to use a mixer when you are breathing through a contarction? True story.

Here's the cake - a strawberry Greek yogurt cake. Holy effing delicious.

At this point, I get pretty delusional. I'm thinking - "I know what it's like to be a nurse and not be appreciated. If we go to the hospital tonight, we need to bring the cake in for the nurses." (Oh dear sweet God, denial is fun.)

So by about 7pm, my contractions are now up to every 9 minutes, lasting almost a minute. I am emailing back and forth with Mom (who lives a 90 minute drive away and would be meeting us at the hospital).

She says "chill, just like we planned - go to the hospital at 4-5 minutes apart, lasting a minute for an hour. So call us when you are at 6-7 minutes apart, and we will head up"

We skipped right past 6-7 minutes apart, straight to 5 minutes apart by 8:30pm. I email Mom and just say - "we're going now! See you there!"

Then, in the 6 minutes it took to get into the car, I had 3 contractions. We get a little scared! Are we going to make it? Luckily, there is this awesome thing a woman's body does when she is in a scary/uncomfortable environment - labor slooowwwwsss down.

I get to the hospital and whizz-bang-boom, I'm admitted, at 1030pm, assessed to be 3cm dilated. The nurse says "okay, we may be here a while, what do you want to do?"

"I want morphine. And a nap."

So I got morphine and spent 3-4 hours in the tub, getting through the contractions as naturally as possible. Most of it was tolerable, but then they got quite painful and I needed something else - Brad and I talked about avoiding the epidural as long as possible.

I got another painkiller - fentanyl - and at that point no longer allowed in the tub, and I was 7cm.

Less than 5 minutes later - fully dilated - 10cm - I WANT TO PUSH THIS BABY OUT NOW!!

The nurse (who I actually went to nursing school with) allowed me to start pushing, and 42 minutes later, at 3:38am, our sweet baby boy Elliott was born. On his due date, That's my boy!

Start to finish, my labour was 13.5 hours. That's kind of unheard of for a first baby! 15 hours after eating the TNT burger! emoticon

6lb, 6oz.

It has been an amazing 10 days. We are so in love! Brad, right from the first minute, has been the most amazing father and husband. He is so naturally a nurturer and provider, comforter and caregiver. He is the best at swaddling!! (and at this moment is feeding me nachos as I type one-handed and hold a sleeping boy, who was held by too many family members today and missed his Mamma).

At his 8 day appointment, Elliott already weighs 7lb 2.5oz! Gaining like a rockstar! Sleep is not perfect yet, but we are getting there, and breastfeeding is obviously working!

I'm not tracking my food yet - it took about 5 days for my appetite to come back, and the weight is still coming off, so I'm not overly concerned.

I am ITCHING to get back to exercising (I have doctor's orders against vigorous exercise for *minimum* 4 weeks - wahhh!!). The first day I walked to the mailbox, I almost sprinted back up the street I felt so good! I think I'll do some angle push-ups tomorrow. Today we put Elliott in his carrier and did a quick 5 minutes around the block!

We are taking things day-by-day, just enjoying getting to know our sweet boy. I managed to clean our bathrooms today, which just accomplishing 1 single thing on a to-do list makes me feel somewhat normal!

Have some Elliott pictures!

Snuggles with Daddy at the hospital!

First night at home, meeting one of our kitties - and super skeptical!!

After his first bath at home!

Just plain cute!

One week old last Sunday!

Okay - bye bye!! Loving me some snuggles!!
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