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More misadventures?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"More misadventures?"

"Adventures, my friend."

These lines from a favorite musical of mine, "Man of La Mancha"

somehow fit my misadventures in my journey to my goal. It pays to hae a sense of humor on this journey.

If I didn't, I'd soon go crazy.

I mean, even God has a sense of humor, seeing how He made the platypus,

then if He has a sense of humor, I should follow in His footsteps.

After all, when I want to scream at that scale for not moving,

or even taking dynamite to it,

I should be taking it in stride.

Sometimes it feels like there is a conspiracy against me to keep me from losing weight.

Like when the place that I work

Starts carrying those delicious Krispy Kreme Donuts!

So delicious, and deliciously deadly to me, if you see the nutrition labels,

which makes me want to cry.

And don't get me started about Girl Scout Cookies, which are coming out soon.

and I have been known in the past to scarf down an entire box of those Thin Mints.

I can't control myself on those things, so I have to leave them alone.

Especially for a recovering junk food junkie like me.

That song could be sung by me.

It's in the midst of a sea of this, which is junk food heaven,

or junk food hell,

depending on how you look at it.

I could either tear what's left of my hair out,

Or I could laugh at myself and go my merry way.

Dynamite, anybody?

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