My dad sounded as if he wanted to cry, please say a prayer for him!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My dad is still in the rehab facility, he can't even stand up he has a blood clot in one leg and gout in the other foot and when he called me this morning he sounded as if he wanted to cry which broke my heart.
He was doing so well the first week he was there and it really looked as if he was going to come home soon, but then the blood clot surfaced and now he has gout and he's in terrible pain. He said that he can't even stand now and he's not liking this new lifestyle and is ready to give up as he was saying this I could tell he was fighting back tears and his voice was cracking.
I said dad I know how it feels to want to do something and can't because of pain that is my life story now with the lyme and fibro (of course today is torture for me as well cause of the rain and wind another low pressure system).
He said he tried calling my brother but he doesn't answer his phone well this is the brother that said he didn't know his own cell phone number (so my dad won't bother him) and also the one that is USING HIS CAR WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT!
Please say a prayer for my dad, he so wants to go home but can't even stand up, he said it feels like he's standing on broken glass ( I guess the foot with the blood clot is actually feeling that way, not the one with the gout).
He's been through so much since January 3rd when all this happened with the respiratory failure, I just hope he doesn't give up after everything he's gone through.
God bless you dad!
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