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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I can handle my diet without tracking and maintain a good weight but after realizing that one little bite led to another until I eat way too much I have realized eating chocolate is a major problem for me. Numerous times I have said I can just have a little bit and during that period I have felt great and looked my best but it always ends the same way. Smoking came up as a topic of conversation the other day and I realized that I have many of those addictive behaviors where chocolate is concerned. I am not saying that I am addicted in the way an alcoholic is, I'm not sure that is even possible. However, chocolate is having implications on my health, they may be mild at the moment but why do I want to wait until they are something more serious to fix this. Since chocolate has sneaked back in I have had headaches and general aches and pains much more often, my energy levels have plummeted and other vague symptoms are more noticeable.

It came to me while I was eating chocolate (strange because I had the same epiphany about smoking whilst smoking a cigarette) the only long term solution to this habit that is making me unhappy and unhealthy is to give it up completely. I have successfully given up smoking, alcohol and caffeine. By far the hardest was caffeine, probably because of the lack of support. When you choose to give up a substance like cigarettes or alcohol everyone recognizes the reasons and supports you and helps you. When you say you're giving up caffeine, people just see it as a phase with no real benefit, and maybe they feel you are criticizing their behaviors too. So I expect no support when it comes to giving up chocolate, expect my husband and hopefully here on Spark. I have already decided to give away or bin any chocolate gifts I receive. (By the way cocoa powder in small amounts is acceptable, I generally mean chocolate bars but I am sure that it will be further defined as I get through the first weeks)

With Easter coming up, it's going to be tough. A few years ago we received a lot of Easter eggs, we could have filled a large bin bag with them. It was only me and my husband so we each chose one egg and took the rest to the children's ward at our local hospital where they were gratefully received. That was the last time we ever received Easter eggs before or on Easter Sunday and even though we told no one I have suspicions that somehow the family found out and now always give us our Easter eggs late (We ask every year for no chocolate but everyone still buys it for us) It's worse this year because everyone will want to buy chocolate for Amelia. I have made a decision with this. I have asked family not to buy any of us chocolate for Easter, I doubt that will have any effect so I am just going to tell them thank you the chocolate was lovely, but I will try to give them away, failing that I will throw them in the bin. It sounds wasteful but I'd do the same if someone gave me a packet of cigarettes. But what should I do with the chocolate that is bought for Amelia? I'm thinking of keeping one egg for her and getting rid of the rest. I will just have to work extra hard on avoiding eating it myself.

I don't believe chocolate is that bad for you that everyone should avoid it, I think it can definitely play a part in a balanced diet but for me it's a different story. I hope everyone else goes on to enjoy their chocolate - in moderation of course! emoticon
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    Chocolate is one of my trigger foods. I've tried to pay attention to the details as to to when, why, how, etc...

    I know that the darker the chocolate, the better it takes care of my craving (monthly, hormonal) and the more likely I will maintain my portion control. I also know that the dark chocolate bars are less likely to lead to a binge than dark chocolate chips. I have to consider this chocolate to be a nutritional and kind of prescription thing, not a treat, snack, or dessert.

    I've found that it helps to keep my chocolate in the freezer. Out of sight out of mind until the craving really hits. Forget any milk chocolate or your typical grocery store chocolate candy. My guess is that it's the sugar in these that set me off to increased cravings and binges.

    I'm really trying hard to work out my issues with chocolate because I so enjoy it. I don't want to have it on my never, never list.

    Good luck to you as your work out what's best for you, your body, and your health. Keep Sparking.

    1877 days ago
    Chocolate does not last long in our house. Some people have a problem with it, so I totally understand where you are coming from. I get a bag of dove dark chocolates for my desk at work and have up to 2 per day, always on my tracker. So far I have had discipline to enjoy my allotment and no more. I have a harder time turning down the cookies, snacks, and other food that ends up in the office common area.

    I think it is a significant step to realize that something is a problem for you and to take actions to address the problem. That self awareness is valuable!

    Good luck getting through and enjoying Easter without going on a chocolate binge!
    1877 days ago
    I completely understand. There are some things I can't have in moderation either. We all have our triggers, and there's nothing wrong with trying to curb/give up an addiction. I hope your family grows to understand in time.
    1877 days ago
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