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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White Daffodil is the flower for lung cancer. 

Just a short sodium had dropped 11 points in less than 3 weeks...a really bad sign that the cancer has returned as that is the strongest indicator! On the plus side all other indicators are very strong....I am thankful for the watchful eyes of my Oncologist and nurses, my PA and all of the staff at the Marshfield Clinic who have made a commitment to me and all of my cancer and non-cancer family. I have to hand it to SP too! Here I have found friends who support, and tools that allow me to be all that I can be!! And I would be remiss if I didn't add my family who are the world to me!!!

I am pretty much of a realist as to what lies ahead but what having cancer has done for me is to help set priorities so I am part of all that happens. Feeling in control is a wonderfully strong and inspiring position!

I will keep updating you with these humble ramblings! I know just what they mean. . . maybe not to you but for me!!!

I will use the Weeping Willow tree not as an excuse to weep

But the Willow can be very helpful, as an extremely powerful essence for transforming bitterness, resentment, anger and hatred towards people or situations associated with the person’s disappointment and affliction. The essence will alleviate tensions associated with feelings of being a victim, of being unjustly treated (no matter if of an objective or subjective nature, the consequences on health being the same in both cases). It will also transform the negative outlook towards life in general, a natural consequence of resentment, disappointment and exhaustion.

I will use these symbols to recognize that

And it is up to me. So

And I will remember that



And furthermore

And that

And I will achieve success because


And that

In other words

Are my final words to you this day!

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