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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We have quite a few new Puppies on the team,,,,so I feel I need to give some back ground so they will know somethings

In the past, I was hit by an 18 wheeler, that has left me with some "not so great things". Its still greatly affecting my life and my friends life who was driving. For her, she has Ataxia, which is a brain damage and causing her to die slowly, painfully, most do not life to the age of 55, she's now 49 ,,, I have watched her go so far downhill, that it clearly brings me to many tears. I was also affected with my memory, this I deal with from day to day, and have for years, and also the both of us, were hurt so we are both using power chairs, and all the pain that our spines, legs and muscles bought with it, with the passing of the years, we both seem to get worse. On top of that, I was born with some illnesses which also get worse over time. Does this mean I can sit here, and CRY and EXPECT others to "take care of me"??? NO WAY AT ALL !! I FIGHT FOR ALL I GET !!!!!!!! Though this past July, something did happen, that did affect me greatly (THANKS TEAM (Spirited Under Dawgs for ALL the WELL WISHES and HELPING ME THRU IT !) so I am currently with my family, but HOPING to move at "some point" though it may be a while. I DO NOT Expect NOR WANT "PITY" Or "special stuff" I DO Expect to be treated like EVERYONE ELSE and I WILL FIGHT THIS TO THE Time I can't any more !!!!

I have SPIRIT !!! All my Dr's in Maine where so IMPRESSED !! We ALSO agreed it was to Denver I was to move (My GS is very ill, he was coming here , I wanted to come with fam) for better care. So far, my spine has gone from a C to about straightened UPPED ! WOOHOOO !!

So what is the "LOVING ME" "PROUD OF ME" about??? Being a SPIRITED UNDER DAWG on the 5% Challenge,,, I HAVE TO ADMIT I HAVE CHEATED !! OH MY !! OH WOW !!! I KNOW on SPARKS they DO NOT recommend we weigh in DAILY, but I am ADDICTED to the SCALE and for ME PERSONALLY its QUITE ACCURATE in that it DOES NOT BOUNCE UP AND DOWN as it does for MOST/MANY by 1 to 3 lbs a day,,,its generally STEADY ,,,,saying about EXACTLY what I've LOST to A TEE DAILY.

I will NOT SAY what it is I've LOST So far this week,,, but it is OVER 1.5 LB so I am SO PROUd oF MYSELF ! WEEEHAAAAA !! THis NOT going to SONICs/MC'Ds,, IS PAYING OFF !! ALSO NOT over doing things. I AM SO PROUD !! ALSO picking UP on exercise,,,which I HAD STOPPED. NOW for THOSE WHO KNOW,,, I can NOT hardly DO ANYTHING,,, except for BREATHING without SORELY HURTING to the MAX !! SO what is it I AM DOING? In case you are ALSO ONE who is in this boat,,,and later I DO PLAN on writing a blog ,,, so its to HELP SUCH,,, at the moment I am working on ARM STRENGTH ! I NEED IT SORELY !! So using LIGHT Weights, of about 6 ozs (anything over,,, my arms BURN ANd BURN !) and I for 10 mins a TIME (it does NOT to be "ALL OR NOTHING all AT ONCE " you CAN AND SHOULD break UP the exercise ! ESPECIALLY if you are NOT healthy !) and I SLOWLY do my arm lifting. I NEED THESE SOOO BADLY !!!!! I MADE SURE this was OK. SO PLZ CHECK with ur Doc if you are ALSO this disabled, before going ahead with such. It hurts soo much to even breathe as said. I do these while watching TV,,,so the time SPEEDS BY at 10 mins each !!! Today I did 10 mins 2 times (20 mins) than I felt SOOO GOOD On the LAST ONE,,, I did it for FIFTEEN MINS ! WOOHOOOOO !!!!!! There are A LOT of EASY , GENTLE exercises you can find on SPARKS and ALSO on YOUTUBE ! For help JUST ASK a LEADER if a Dawggie ! or put into Search, Sit down exercises and search from there. Or chair exercises, but SOME of those will be STANDING and you may NOT be able to do them,,, just simply IGNORE THEM !!

Diane,, Challenge Leader, Dawggies !
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