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My body reminds me yet again......Revamping my plans.....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After talking with my doctor at length yesterday, shedding some tears, it's time to rethink this plan .....

If you are reading this for enjoyment, you may want to pass because this is going to be boring....it's just a blog to help me rethink my goals for losing this weight. It is going to take me much longer than I had first anticipated because my first thought process was based on the thought that my body is pretty much normal. Wrong.

I've always known that if I over exert myself, my body will literally shut itself down, run low grade fever and take longer to recover than if I go slow at things. I'm stubborn and well, the last few days of exercising have proven yet again that my body needs more time to adjust. I can go and go for about 3 days, then it happens....just like it did yesterday and today. My body refuses to be pushed any harder. I slept most of yesterday minus the doctor visit, 6 hours of dialysis last night and work today. Home at 5:30 and slept til hubby woke me at 11:30 tonight calling to check on me. I obviously slept through his other attempts at calling to check on me. I ran fever tonight, which is typical when I've pushed my body too hard. Was nauseaus and had a horrible headache all day today. My body needed its rest. I have to take this exercise program slower.

I was originally aiming for 5-6 days a week at 10 minutes/day of cardio. For now, I'm going to aim for 3 days a week with 25 mins of cardio, adding 5 minutes/session/week as I can. When I am up to 30 mins/daily I will then add a day/week until I've reached 5 days/week of cardio at 30 mins/session. Upon reaching this goal, I will increase my minutes by 5 daily until I've maxed out at 60 min/session or when my body has had enough....whichever comes first.

I'm under strict doctor orders NOT to use weights as this will effect my heart in the long run and the dialysis does enough damage on its own. So, no strength training with weights but I can do Tai Chi and anything aerobic......

So my plan:

Cadio 3 days/week @ 25 mins/session 2/25 emoticon
Cadio 3 days/week @ 30 mins/session 3/4
Cadio 4 days/week @ 30 mins/session 3/11 Change Nutrition/Fitness Tracker!!!
Cadio 4 days/week @ 30 mins/session 3/18
Cadio 5 days/week @ 30 mins/session 3/25
Cadio 5 days/week @ 30 mins/session 4/1
Cadio 5 days/week @ 35 mins/session 4/8 time for new routine!!! Platau Buster!!
Cadio 5 days/week @ 35 mins/session 4/15
Cadio 5 days/week @ 40 mins/session 4/22
Cadio 5 days/week @ 40 mins/session 4/29

My Target Heart Rate:
2/25, 3/4 130bpm
3/11,18, 25 & 4/1 135bpm
4/8, 15, 22, 29 141bpm Stay here for several weeks!!!!

Every 6 weeks I will aim for a new routine!!! Platau Buster!! This will help to keep my body guessing, working hard and not getting bored with my workouts. Keep it fun!!!

Eat healthy.
Get plenty of rest.
Follow exercise program....low intensity only.
Drink my 4 cups of water daily....no more than this!!!

**Refer to my favorites in SP for more ideas on how to give myself variety in my exercise program.

Consider cross training!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your life sounds a lot like mine, minus the dialysis (thank Goodness). I also have heart issues that limits my exercise routine (doctor's orders). Also limited with food items; High BP, Diabetic, low potassium (take 2 mega doses Rx daily), osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.. We need to support each other and be patient. I also wanted to get down to a healthy weight, stronger, less painful days faster than I am, but guess we have to take it slow, but keep on keepin' on. We can pray for each other's success. emoticon
    1939 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your struggles. You've got a lot of things to balance!

    Take care of yourself and keep at it.

    1940 days ago
    Water exercise is easier on the joints, but I don't know if it is easier on the heart.....check with your doctor for sure.....but it seems less work when you are in the water.....but when you get out.....back to reality and gravity! LOL
    I really overdid it with sodium today.....I will have to skip salt entirely tomorrow if possible.....not that I add any to my food, but the hidden stuff already there is murder.....I have been trying to get me to weigh in, but I just don't make it.....I just hope I have not gained.....
    I wish you the best of luck in your "new" new program......remember that we Turtles go Slow and Steady for a reason. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Lynel
    1942 days ago
  • 4EVER21B
    We all have to re-evaluate our plans. It's okay. Just do what you can and you will get there. Believe.

    1942 days ago
  • FREES1
    take care of yourself and listen to that body of yours... don't break the thing you rely on the most! I saw CBLENS' suggestion about the water aerobics - I started a class the other night called aqua cardio or as the tracker calls it water jogging (or running)... in a pool suspended by a bouyancy belt and doing the motions of running, cross country skiing, jumping jacks with the water providing the resistance. might have to start with a portion of the class and build up..
    be good to yourself!
    1942 days ago
    listen to your body needs first. do everything at your own pace . the whole idea is to get healthier and feel better emoticon
    1942 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/27/2013 1:36:41 PM
    can you try water aerobics? We actually have a TiChi class once a week in the pool.
    Don't loose faith!
    1942 days ago
    Take care and feel better. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1942 days ago
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