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Eventful Travels, the Protein Source Debate, and February Fitness

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I feel awesome after working out on the elliptical today. They were all taken when I first got to my school gym, so I rode the stationary bike for 6 minutes, and then hopped on the elliptical for 54. I went 6.9 miles and burned 550 calories, according to the machine. I read somewhere that the calories burnt can be seriously off, but it made me feel good regardless.

I'm 148.8 and have maintained since Valentine's Day. I consider that pretty good, since I was traveling last week and not counting calories. I indulged and lounged around. I needed to catch up on sleep honestly, and the trip was a bonding experience for DBF and I.

It started off okay, but he was tired from business meetings, and then rowdy and drunk the second night which irritated me. The third night went okay, but then I wore painful heels the fourth night. We walked around the town until I could barely stand, and we ended up fighting because I wanted to stay at the club we had just gotten at (since we walked halfway across town to get there) and he wanted to immediately leave. It was bad. I thought we might break up the next day, but thankfully we were able to talk things out.

The last night of the trip was the best, as we explored a lot, and had fun doing it. We also had a good talk that ended in us deciding to focus on our health together, including cutting out drinking. I'm really excited about that. I'm looking into memberships at 24 Hour Fitness and he is going to help me learn to strength train better. We've also agreed to eat home cooked meals more often.

We disagree on protein sources though, so we'll have to figure a way to work that out for both of us. He is very keen on animal-based protein, while I have a strong desire to eat a vegan diet. He says it's too difficult to get enough protein with planet based sources, but I prefer them for many reasons. I feel more energetic, clear-headed, and less irritable when I cut out animal products. Ethics and sustainability for our planet are other strong factors in my desire to avoid animal protein. He was surprised that my almond butter had 8 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons though, so hopefully he will come around over time. I don't want to force my preferences on him, and won't, I just want him to see my own decisions as a healthy and legitimate alternative to his norm.
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    Love that you want to attempt plant-based proteins. If you're not a member of the SparkTeam: "Calling all Vegetarians (and Vegans)!" you might want to check it out.

    Nuts are high in protein; however, they are also high in fat. I found a powdered peanut butter at Hi-Health, which has very low fat. I also eat a fair amount of homemade beans and some tofu.
    1881 days ago
    Just past by and read your blog.
    A couple of ideasf or what it's worth...
    Definetely DO get into one of the 24 hour fitness type clubs: often they are cheap and as you can go when you want to, you can go to get over stress, you can go when you blew your day's plan, or when you have your favorite momentof the day to work out.
    It would also be good as you and your DBF can work out together as I have had relationships breakdown as I was doing things like swimming or going to the gym and my exs weren't, so a lot of fear and distrust can occur in couples. Besides, if you care about one another, getting fit or staying fit should be important and a great bonding activity I think.
    My ex partner is a vegetarian and it was a big issue for her that I was too, and that our son is as well now, so this is a big issue for me now too.
    First off, if you want a vegan diet, especially for ethical reasons, you need to respect yourself and your beliefs. With that said, it will be a lot of work to have a good diet from what I've seen.
    As for almond butter, I checked it out. It's around 2.4 grams of protein per tablespoon at around 100 calories. This means that to get 1 g of protein per kg as I do as a minimum in my diet, I would have to eat - theoretically - around 3500 cal of for 80 g protein, with whey (milk) protein I can have that amount with 350 calories! I have really looked at this and would LOVE to get ideas from you.
    In any case, he should respect your decisions and ethics trump easy nutrition, in general! At the same time, it's great that you are going easy on him on this issue and who know, he might come around to your position seeing the benefits, right?
    Hang in there :-)

    1881 days ago
  • LWLAR7
    Your doing good
    1881 days ago
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