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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is the third time I have started this blog. I've restarted it because they all sound sooooo negative. I wrote an entire blog about how crappy I've been with food and exercise lately.

But what is the point in being so negative. So instead I'm writing about what I'm doing right and my goals for this week.

Positive thing....lets see....

I'm no longer sick! Woot! It was just a cold but so draining.
I played in a play place for 3 hrs for my brothers birthday! Lets just say workout and body bruiser from crazy small tunnels all throw in to one!
I went to Zumba yesterday and bought a punch card!
I've consistently had a minimum of 4 glasses of water each day which is 4 more then I used to
I've organized my work plan for prepping!
I've cooked veggies on Sunday for my lunches throughout the week.
I've spent awesome quality time with Bryan.
I've consistently followed the "do it now" rule from nerd for about a week. This rule basically describes itself. If you have something that needs to get done do it now. Ie. fold and put the clothes in the laundry away right away or put the container in the dishwasher after rinsing it off.
I've slept 7-8hrs every night

Ok all in all that is some nice positives.

My goals...... For tomorrow

Drink 5 cups of water
Grocery shop at the farmers markets for veggies
Buy 1 new fruit or veggie
Go to Zumba OR weight train
Only eat the food you bring to work.
Prep/organize the circle songs for work.
Wake up at 5:15am
Make long term goals

For tomorrow that will be more then great. I'm going to sit down tomorrow and finish my long term goals.

Have a positively amazing night spark friends.
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