My journey to ONEderland with body by vi ~ I did it!!!! -83lbs & counting :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm still a work in progress...but I'm posting in hopes to spread The Spark ~ If putting myself /my journey to ONEderland story out there inspires and motivates even just ONE person, my soul will be satisfied.

The before pictures were taken May 2010 - I was 230lbs.

I was 260lbs at my heaviest December 31, 2011 when I decided it was time to dedicate myself to myself.

I started sucking back lemon water, having body by vi shakes for breakfast, making healthier choices overall (such as quitting pop!), and hitting the gym Jan 2012.

I quit consuming alcohol and started drinking green tea like it was going out of style summer 2012.

Went from a size 22 to 11 jean size.

-83lbs as of Feb 25 2013.

Couldn't run a mile if my life depended on it when these pictures were taken, nowwwww I run for fun.
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