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March Plan

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Every month I make a new workout plan and goals. This helps me stay accountable. I spent the day (we had a lot of snow today, so I was off work) searching Pinterest and finding new workouts. I like to try new things. I always do 3 days of strength training at 30 minutes each. I also try to incorporate workouts I have done before, so I don't overdue my muscles.

3 sets of each.

Day 1
A-Tricep push (15), deltoid back squeeze (15), floor dip (15)
L- side leg lifts with a stability ball (10 each side), walking squat with band (15)
C- Stability Ball Pass (10), twisting windmill, High Curl (15), oblique crunch
B- walking lunge with kettle ball twist (15)

Day 2
A- Bicep and deltoid squeeze (15), stability ball lat swim with dumbbells (15), downward rows (15)
L- Pilates Side-Lying Leg Lifts (15), Crabwalk combo (10 each side), seated sweeping leg lifts, (hold 5-10 secs)
C- Stability Ball Pass (10), Ball roll out (15), Side crunch (15 each side), oblique crunch

Day 3
A- Right angle bicep curl (15), push-up clap (10), bicep curl with shoulder press (15)
L- side lunge with dumbbells (15), spidey crawl (15), lower leg lifts on ball (15)
C- Stability Ball Pass (10), Leaning camel (15), Ballet twist (15), oblique crunch

Cardio Goals-
Running- work on running 4 miles straight.
Stairmaster- do level 9 for at least 5 minutes and level 8 the rest of the time.
Elliptical- Interval workout.

There are a couple days left in Feb, but I have weighed in at 7.1lbs off this month.

My one year health journey is March 9th. I have a week and a half left and my goal is to get to 168 that is 2.3 more lbs off. I wanted to be at 75lbs off by then. Either way I am still proud of myself and will continue to make goals and work hard.

Here is my journey so far...
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