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So, is it true that history simply repeats itself? Hmmmmmm......time can only tell.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So, I've spent a bit of time soul searching, so to speak, trying to figure out what in the HECK is going on?!!!

Funny thing about Spark is that it saves all blogs -- even the ones from waaaaaay back. So here I have sat over the last hour and I have been reading some of my first blogs that I started doing when I got enough courage to "put myself out there". I joined SP in Jan of '07 which was when my (then baby) was a year old. I remember when I joined, I was struggling through a massive plateau and I was frustrated! I stumbled upon SP by complete and total mistake. I sat at my computer after a day of fruitless "dieting" and "exercising" and no movement on the scale. I had just weaned my then baby from nursing and was dealing with a fair amount of "why in the hell won't the scale move"? I was cruising the web for (if memory serves) eDiets and came across SparkPeople. Reluctantly, I joined SparkPeople (still trying to decide if it was a good thing... after all it was FREE and I was going to PAY for a service like eDiets or Weight Watchers Online or something else my Google search brought up). I lurked on SP for a long time, had zero friends on my "friends list" and hadn't joined any teams or message board discussions. I was just looking for a way to track my calories easily and a way to lock in some motivation to keep going forward and not throw in the towel with the Plateau of Ginormous Proportions.

I stumbled and fumbled my way around SP for a few months as a lurker (this was before any Friend Feed or any of the cool features on SP now) and finally got up the courage to join a message board group called "Lose 5 pounds before the 4th of July" and thus began my venture into the SparkPeople community. When I joined this group it was in May and I thought to myself, "sure I could do 5 pounds by THEN". I started blogging (rough blogging compared to these polished masterpieces I put out now ha ha! emoticon teasing about that, of course!!) about the struggles I was having with the scale and NOT losing weight.

The funny thing, I was stuck on 155.

Moral of this trip through memory lane? Well, I am glad you asked..........

Fast forward six years, plateau busted, weight goal reached, unexpected pregnancy, another baby, another trip through the wonders of breastfeeding, weaning and here I sit. Screeching halt....

...at 155.

So, let me ask this -- does history repeat itself? Going off of my past events, it would certainly seem so.

Hummmmmm.... let me figure a few things out here...... Baby back then was born, lost a bit of weight, got stuck, stayed stuck, breastfed, weaned, still stuck, finally started busting through the plateau, reached goal weight, maintained until unexpected pregnancy.

Baby now was born, lost some weight, got stuck, stayed stuck, breastfed, weaned, still stuck... and that is where my story leaves off. (I can do without another unexpected pregnancy, though.... just sayin' emoticon )

But, there is hope. I mean, I really have some hope. Maybe this is my pattern of post pregnancy, having a baby, breastfeeding, weaning stuff. Maybe my body just takes awhile to acclimate to returning to normalcy. Hormones after almost two years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, maybe? Looking back on the timeline I started to bust the plateau when my then baby was roughly about 20-21 months old.

Hold the phone! Wow, my little man is about 19 months old now...

Maybe I am just clinging on to the hope that there is HOPE for me to start to jump back into the scale is moving and the jeans are getting baggy and I am feeling a bit skinnier game.

Taking this slight walk down memory lane has been interesting. Now, I will just be curious to see if history does repeat itself and I can start to see some changes and movements.

Thanks for bearing with me during my return to them early days!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo FLGIRL_4EVER
    I know you can do it! You are going to kick some butt!!!!
    2414 days ago
    emoticon with your hope and determination I know you will get to your goal.
    2419 days ago
    It could be your post-baby 'set point'. I always struggle around that weight too. Never in my life have I managed to get below 150. I'm determined to do it this time, but I anticipate it taking a good long while.
    2419 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Hum, you are making me want to take a stroll down memory lane emoticon
    2419 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    This very well could be your answer. I hope so, I know how unhappy you've been with the lack of scale movement.

    2420 days ago
    Your strength and determination is very inspiring Amber... You truly have come a very long way to find that balance between family, health and being a good Mom and Wife... I hope your guy is good to you
    2420 days ago
    I have certain numbers that I seem to get stuck at each time, and once past one, the weight comes off till the next sticking point is reached.
    2420 days ago
    It seems quite possible to me that hormones balancing could definitely be involved.
    I guess all you can do is to keep up with eating healthy and exercising regularly and see what happens. I feel that you can make a difference in your body and get it to a shape & weight that you are happier with. You are still young, even though you have reached the ripe old age of 37!!! :-)
    2420 days ago
  • no profile photo CINDYTW
    Well, maybe this is the good news you needed! Hope so for you!
    2420 days ago
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