Can we quit it with all of the snow already?!?!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Seriously. Snow. Stop it.

Another winter storm blew through Columbia last night. I haven’t been outside, but they’re reporting we got 7” more snow! Ugh, the nerve! I need to get outside and shovel before it freezes, but I’m all warm and cuddled inside my house. I just need to graduate so that I can get my boyfriend to shovel all the snow for me ;-)

SO a recap. Last week 13” of snow. It sucked. I shoveled part of it, and my neighbor with a snow blower got the rest! I made him and another neighbor cookies for their trouble, and then had a few. Actually I was so tired after shoveling and making cookies while they used the snow blower, that I ate 3 cookies and my nighttime meds and went to bed early!

My stupid arm is still stupid. Its healing though. I can finally really see progress as the scar borders start to fill in. The incision wound is also much, much shallower so its really filling in from underneath as well. The problem is that my stupid arm is becoming super painful. The nerve blocker I’m on is just not enough. I have finally increased it to twice a day if I’m working to cut down on the pain, I’m becoming less zombified on it, so there’s a plus.

I think the weather is what’s bugging it lately. My left arm scars were hurting a little bit last week, so it makes sense that the incision would hurt + nerve damage = spasms of pain. Plus I was using my arm more – but not stretching the skin – but the increased activity did its toll.

Upping my heart rate and cardio seems to be out. Even low impact stuff, if I really get going, causes a little too much of an increase in my blood pressure to be pleasant. I have so many weights in my garage right now that I want to lift. I need muscles to feel good… so this whole break is really doing a number on me mentally. I’m super positive about what I WILL do, its just a matter of being annoyed and aggravated that I CAN’T do it YET. But I will…

This weekend my dad and TJ came down to help me get ready for the carpet install on Saturday. Well I should say the carpet install that was scheduled for Saturday. When I got the confirmation call on Friday I double and triple checked that they WERE coming. I had 2 people driving in to help me, so I wanted to make sure the carpet was coming before I had them drive in the snow.

So they showed up, we finished ripping up carpet and pad and cleaning and moving everything but the beds out of the house on Friday. Woke up super early on Saturday and cooked breakfast and cleaned and moved the beds in the bathrooms and threw all of my clothes on top of them. And waited. And waited. They were supposed to show up from 8-10AM. So at 10:15 I was on the phone. 15 minutes and 3 phone calls later I was on the phone with the right person who called the installer… over… and over… and then she said she would call me back. Turns out the installer was ignoring his phone calls from his company. His van was “not working in the snow” or something, but instead of telling them this at 8AM he waited three hours to finally take a phone call from them at 11AM. By the time they got this sorted out, and I gave them my whole “it needs to happen today, I’m injured, people drove… (all very polite)” message – it was literally too late for anyone to pick up the carpet from the warehouse which had closed.

So they put me down for Monday and said their installers would move my furniture. And they WOULD be there from 9-11AM and they would compensate me, and they were sorry, yadda, yadda, yadda…

So by this time it was almost noon! We dragged the beds back out of the bathrooms. I hung all of my clothes up again… and showered. I was angry. My house was all shoved into my garage, diningroom, and kitchen. And no carpet. It was a wreck.

We ended up painting two ceilings and I painted some baseboards and were able to do small projects on Saturday and Sunday (and spent 2 hours at the gun range Sunday morning—my dad and TJ bonded over shooting guns—it was werid!). TJ left because he had to go to work, but I had my dad stay. I didn’t want strangers in my house with me alone.

Monday morning came. I went to get an oil change… no installers… By the time I got back at 10:30, I wasn’t waiting for them to be late. I was assured at 10:45 that the installers were coming, they were just going to be late. They finally showed up at 11:20 and didn’t leave until after 5PM. Yes. You read that right. 2 guys took over five hours to install carpet in three small bedrooms, one hallway, and a livingroom. That’s RIDICULOUS! Max 3 hours. I’ve talked to several people about how long their installers took. My mom had hers done with a larger area and it was only 1.5 hours!

It was frustrating. And apparently no one told them they were going to move the furniture back or haul away our carpet… so they were kind of grumpy by the end. One of the guys spoke no English, but he was very nice. The other guy spoke English but he had a very thick accent and spoke way too fast. I took Spanish, but its been awhile, and I was honestly trying to listen to what he said to me, but I couldn’t understand half of what he said. They also got dirty fingerprints on ALL of my doors. Not like small smudges but full handprints on both sides of my doors. They nicked the baseboard in one room. Rehung a door improperly and left it installed badly. And by the end of the day I was just going nuts.

The dogs were freaked out. I was annoyed it took so long. My dad needed to get home before the storm hit. I needed to GO TO WORK during the storm since they took so long. It was stressful. My anxiety was through the roof. I have so much work to do to graduate and my committee meeting is two weeks away. But today I’ve just been catching up. I slept in (ha, until 7:15). Then relaxed a bit to calm my nerves. I need to put my office back together and go in there to seriously work for a bit, but now I think I need to head out to shovel before I do.

The power keeps flickering, so I was kind of waiting to see if it was going to go out. I think it should stay on *knock on wood*, so I’ll go out and shovel and pop in for a quick hot shower to warm back up.

Then working… I need to be working… ! Oh and its me, so I need a new manicure, but it will be simple.

My dad will be back next weekend to finish light fixture projects, my mom and sister might come out later this week to help deep clean… and I need to talk to a company in StL about a job on Thursday.

My nerves are starting to fray like crazy… the endtimes of a grad student have broken many a person~! Luckily I have a good group of people around me which helps out. I just need to pick up the slack on my end and buckle down hard!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Goodness gracious what a pain in the pa-toot! Hopefully you've had a chance to calm down a bit!

    1877 days ago
    OMG you just can't get a break! It can only improve from here, right? Best to you, and hang tough!

    1877 days ago
    I feel the snow pain, I totally thought it was over & spring was on the way too but we got hit i'm pretty sure with the same/similar storm too....its still coming down as we speak and was alternating heavy rain and snow last night. its a slushy MESS outside.
    but as MISTY_MOUNTAINS mentioned, the days are getting longer and its not bitter cold out so that makes me happy!
    I'm not even going to touch your nightmare carpet experience as I would have ripped them a new one too so....good on you.
    1877 days ago
    What a frickin' nightmare!! I think you're holding up pretty good, I would have lost my mind on those guys!!

    I'm am also SO over the snow. We just got more here last night too. It's been crazy this year, I haven't seen snow like this for years. On the plus side, it hasn't been as cold these last couple days and the days are getting longer.... it's almost over!!
    1878 days ago
    Thank goodness the snow keeps missing me!
    (Knock on wood)
    1878 days ago
    Poor Sara!
    Just remind yourself that the new carpet is in, and that the rest can be done in SMALL STEPS by you and your deep-cleaning-team.
    Try Magic Eraser on the doors. It saved my house during those long-ago toddler years. (Magic Eraser and Baby Wipes can get Permanent Marker off of upholstered furniture, did you know?)

    Remember, one step at a time. Calm. Focus.

    Sorry it sucked so badly, though.
    We got the snow, too-- Time for some thesis work!
    1878 days ago
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