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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Victory was mine yesterday!!

If you remember one of my status updates, I was scared of trying to jog on a treadmill for the first time. I wasn't scared of being in the motion. I was afraid of getting the motion started (and later, stopping) without ending up the huge laugh to someone's day.

Yesterday, I got on the treadmill at the gym. I walked at a 0% incline at 3.5 mph to warmup. I would have warmed up for only 5 minutes, but 'A' got behind me on an elliptical for his warmup, and I didn't want him to watch my experiment. LoL

I had watched the other treadmillers on other days, trying to figure out the best way for me to get from walking to jogging as smoothly as possible. Some straddled the treadmill as they increased the speed, then held the handrails until they got their feet on and going at the correct pace. Others just pushed the button and transitioned to a smooth jog from their walk.

So at the 10 minute mark, I was determined to increase the speed. I decided to do the transition directly from my walk. I was sorta scared that if I straddled, my shoe would clip the belt and I would bite it big time. I was going 3.5 mph when I held the button down to increase.

Nice. Smooth. Jog.

It felt good. I kept it at a 0% incline and was jogging at 5.2 miles an hour. I did this for 20 minutes yesterday. I'll increase it to 25 minutes tonight after work and eventually get it to 45 minutes.

I hit the elliptical after the treadmill each night for 20 minutes to work on the hammies and the booty. Then stretching in a separate area.

'A' even made a comment after we left the gym. "I noticed you stepped it up a bit". I wanted to say something smartalecky about how, just because I check him out at the gym, doesn't mean he's allowed watch me. But it's cute that he keeps tabs on me :)

'A' and I have this Neon Color Run that we're doing together in about a month, so I want to get my endurance increased on the treadmill because we haven't decided if we're walking or jogging it. It'll be a blast!!

Alright, my Lovelies, have a fantastic week!!
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