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The ups and downs

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Making lifestyle changes is not easy. I think I needed to put that in print because sometimes I think that it should be. I should one day be motivated and BAM...I start making changes and then BAM...the scale goes down...and then BAM...I look awesome and everyone wonders how I did it. That's not how this experience has been for me though. It's been more like. I start making a healthy change. My body fights it or accepts it. Likes it or rejects it. I have good days I have bad until one day it becomes a habit and then I make another change and the process continues.

I have noticed that the time of the month and women I hope you know what I mean, is the worse. Something inside me craves for chocolate, naughty and it doesn't matter if I'm happy or sad, excited or mad, have something to do or bored. It seems my success has been mitigating the damage. I ate only 3 cookies vs the entire row or half the box or the whole box. And I'm realizing that during these times is not the time to beat myself up, but realize this is a challenging time for me and it will get better. Mitigating the damage is a step forward and that's what it's about...constantly trying to move myself forward.

I'm also learning I don't have to do it alone. I can get out here and share and my spark friends will be there for me, but if I don't let them know what's going on, they can't cheer me on or lend their experience so posting and sharing is key.
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  • ANGELN325
    Thank you for the laugh SUMTHINGSPECIAL about the craving for Spaghettio's. I totally know what you mean about that. I have no desire to eat those, and I'm the same way about donuts. Only once in a great while do I have the urge to eat those. I'm more of a chocolate and peanut butter fanatic, but only during that time of the month. I can be totally fine and healthy in my relationship with chocolate until....then it's like CHOCOLATE NOW! I've decided to just keep my healthy habits that I have established up and use all my efforts to mitigate the damage and save the fruit habit for when this time is up. I did have a glass of Cherry juice today for some extra Vitamin C today, but will be going back to my water after that. Been shoveling snow today so a good workout for sure since it's the heavy stuff. My arms are going to sure feel it today. LOL
    1938 days ago
  • ANGELN325
    So true DAZZEEDOO. This eating fruit on an every day basis is kicking my butt. Sometimes I do it with ease and other days it's like I have an aversion to fruit. I will get it. LOL
    1938 days ago
  • ANGELN325
    So true GRAPLEIRIS, and that's exactly what I think when I'm not moving in the right direction. What's wrong with me? Why am I making positive changes and nothing is happening on the scale. That was last year when I was working out and didn't lose a single pound, but I was feeling better and getting more fit so I was like forget the scale. These changes are hard, but you are right...if it was easy, then this journey wouldn't really be worth celebrating or worth fighting for. Thank you for sharing and letting me know I'm not alone.
    1938 days ago
    You know...I often fall victim to thinking it's easy too.

    It is SO not! As life happens, resolve crumbles...dissapears. Your physical self aches or craves. Your mental self looks for comfort in your old ways.

    Then you wonder what's wrong with you. Nothing. IT'S HARD!

    But we have each other and the knowledge that these new choices are best for us and the ability to pick ourselves up, dust off and move forward again when we fall. So many people here have already made it. I betcha it wasn't easy for them either!

    Keep fighting the good fight. emoticon
    Nothing easy is really worth much!

    1939 days ago
    Changing seems hard, and then all of a sudden you realize, you've done it. You feel proud and happy with yourself for a short time, then tackle the next challange. This is a journey with lots of destinations, but no real end.
    I have cravings during "that" time too- mine is bread. I usually make rolls so I can have some portion control.
    Just keep going,
    Continued SUCCESS!
    1939 days ago
    The only thing I have found worse than that time of the month is pregnancy. I hate both! I seriously NEVER eat donuts - I have hypoglycemia so while I could pretend I am holier than thou - it's just because it automatically makes me feel like crap emoticon - so i don't eat it. I seriously knew - before any other sign - that I was pregnant with my past three pregnancies because I seriously craved the things that I normally stay away from:

    powdered donuts
    sugar-laden cereal (Captain Crunch being my all-time favorite - which, just thinking about it now makes me want to barf)
    Spaghettios (why in the heck would I crave that? I haven't eaten these things since I was a child - not even once)
    Macaroni and cheese (I can't even eat it now - yuck)
    Twinkies (seriously? emoticon I haven't wanted one of those ever - except when I was pregnant)

    Even though I promised myself I wouldn't - after losing all that weight - I went back to all the habits my parents shared with me when I was a kid. I actually craved those things that I ate back then. I mean - I don't even eat those things at all when not pregnant! Anyway - it is no surprise that I gained all that weight back emoticon (fortunately, not more).

    But yes - that time is horrible. I am only finding out right now as I am trying to exercise as I normally do and it just isn't easy. I mean - you try jumping on a trampoline and then having to stop every few minutes to go to the bathroom. Dh thought it was funny - I definitely did not. Even doing step aerobics wasn't comfortable. So, tonight - I'm going to climb that wonderful treadmill once again and pretend I am in love.

    Here's hoping you get past those times - and find ways around it. If you make a mistake - that's okay - but keep trying. I know you can do it - and so can I.


    1939 days ago

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