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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On October 23rd i ruptured my achilles tendon, because of that i anc't do the normal exercise routine. I have found a 11 minute cardio work out sitting in a chair but that is hard for me to do when i need to use my injured leg. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can exercise with limited mobility. i would apreciate any suggestions.
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    Ouch! That sounds painful. I hope your feeling better soon. My best advice is to focus on what you CAN do and not to feel bad about what you can't. You may have to change your goals slightly, like get 10 minutes of chair exersize as a goal or something like that. Focus on reaching those goals. Don't worry about the rest. You don't want to feel discouraged.
    Hope that helps. Wishing you a swift recovery!
    -Ally emoticon
    2220 days ago
    My heart goes out to you... I know how difficult that is, since I'm not able to get aerobic exercise via walking, either. But when I had physical therapy a few years back, they (the physical therapists) used to have me spend some time with a device called a UBE (upper-body exerciser). WOW!! Can you get a heart-pumping workout from that little device! They are just amazing, and I've often thought, I really ought to get one again. You can find a whole price range of them on Amazon, but make sure you get a nice, sturdy one. Here's a link to one, and on that page, you'll see others you can check out at all kinds of prices:

    That's a long URL, so you may have to cut and paste both lines separately into your search bar. It's a great way to bypass a bad hip and crooked pelvis (my particular problems) and so many other lower-body difficulties in exercising. It may well be that your insurance will pay for it, too. You might have to go through an orthopedist and have him or her write you a prescription for one if you go that route, but it's a possibility.

    Sending you lots of emoticon ! I know this isn't easy, but you've got a good attitude. - Susan
    2225 days ago

    Beth [Indygirl] was 460 lbs and she started off doing exercises in her bed... check her story out, she also has a team now and challenges for us. I saw someone else told you to check her out too... it's the motivation we both need! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2243 days ago
  • COOKIE_AT_51
    Also check out:
    INDYGIRL 's page. She has some places to look to do exercise if you are chair bound.

    emoticon and emoticon

    Glad you are not giving up!!

    Spark on ~ Cookie
    2247 days ago
    So sorry for your injury. I hope you are feeling better soon. I agree with the previous post about focusing on upper body. Great advice. emoticon
    2248 days ago
    Sorry to invade again - but was just looking through a team's postings and found this link:

    and I found out that there actually is a chair exercise team on Spark!


    I also found the following via EMMABE (Spark member):

    The Chair Exercise YouTube Channel

    • Chair Exercise Team YouTube video Channel - a special channel that I set up for team members use with videos of mainly Chair Exercise . It can also be accessed by clicking on the Team Picture on the main team page. -

    rections on using the ChairExercise YouTube Channel

    Click on the main team picture on the main team page
    The YouTube Channel will open in a new page – there are a large number of videos of Chair Exercises, balance exercises, videos suitable for mobility limited and some Aqua videos. There are so many different videos that it would take you more than a year to work through them all if you do one every day
    At the top you can see the featured video playing – I change that regularly
    There are many other videos that you can use in the channel - to find them –
    Scroll down below the Featured Video and there is a list of 20 featured playlists– each has a heading to help you find what you are looking for
    Click on the heading you choose and the list of videos in that playlist opens
    Choose a video that you want to work along with
    To find even more videos – go to the bottom of the featured list of playlists and on the right in very small writing it says “more”
    Click on this and more playlists will appear – and at the bottom of that page – you can click on “more” and even more playlists appear.
    Remember that I add suitable videos to the channel all the time – so keep checking!!

    The following is a list of play lists in the Chair Exercise Channel, with the number of videos in each play list – I think there really should be something for everyone – so …………………….what are you waiting for???????

    20 Featured Video Play Lists

    Motivational and Inspirational Videos 14 videos
    Music to move by 52 videos
    Warm Up Exercises 6 videos
    Longer Chair Exercise Videos 22 videos
    Knee Strengthening Exercises 4 videos
    Suitable for Very Mobility Limited or Pain Ridd... 21 videos
    Strength Training, Muscle and Body Toning 26 videos
    Aerobic or Cardio Exercise 25 videos
    Stretches 25 videos
    Balance Exercises 11 videos
    Core Exercises 11 videos
    Upper Body Exercises 7 videos
    Lower Body Exercises 7 videos
    Whole Body Workout 14 videos
    Wheelchair suitable exercise 13 videos
    Zumba and Chair Salsa 11 videos
    Yoga 11 videos
    Diabetes 7 videos
    Move it for MS 13 videos
    Fibromyalgia Exercise 2 videos
    copy and paste 1 video

    Other useful Play Lists – in no particular order

    Chair Tai Chi Type Exercises 9 videos
    Weight Loss Tips 2 videos
    Dr Oz 6 videos
    Dancing with Walkers 5 videos
    Seasonal Exercise Fun - Halloween Fun, Christma... 5 videos
    Livestrong 6 videos
    Exercises for Parkinson's Sufferers 9 videos
    Downloading YouTUbe Videos 9 videos
    TV4Change 2 videos
    Interesting food ideas 12 videos
    Correct sitting 1 video
    Silver Sneakers 4 videos
    Chair-a-cise 1 video
    Sciatica 4 videos
    Dementia - useful videos 7 videos
    Music I listen to 6 videos
    Australian music 9 videos
    Relaxation, Stress Relief, Meditation 4 videos
    Bob Klein - Zookinesis 5 videos
    Senior Physical Fitness at Home Series by Exper... 9 videos
    Sit and Be Fit 24 videos
    TimeOnLine Get Fit At Your Desk With Sharron Da... 5 videos
    Smart Moves Dance with Jackie Tally 5 videos
    Senior Fitness Guru Rene Burton 4 videos
    Workplace Yoga with Nicole Polzella 10 videos
    Chair Aerobics for Everyone 11 videos
    Office and Chair Exercises by Break Pal 17 videos
    Chair-a-cise Workouts by Daryl Madison 2 videos
    Chair Workouts by Kate Jakobsson of Training Yo... 7 videos
    Vitality Yoga by DLC Media 12 videos
    Vitality Yoga by DLC Yoga 1 video
    Armchair Fitness with Pat Hulbert 4 videos
    NCPAD 14 wk fitness program 1 video
    Fitness for the Over 50's 3 videos
    Sue Grant's Older and Much Wiser and Fit at Any... 3 videos
    Gentle Yoga (Yoga Journey Productions) 13 videos
    NCPAD Strength Training Videos 58 videos
    Liesel - 95yrold German Keep Fit Teacher 3 videos
    Fitness- SteveThomas 2 videos
    Music for Meditation 4 videos
    Gail Spencer Lamm - Chair Exercises 3 videos
    Chair Chi Chuan 3 videos
    Office Exercises by The Wave Corporation 6 videos
    Multiple Sclerosis Exercises 4 videos
    Chair Aerobics - Paul Eugene 5 videos
    Miscellaneous Chair Exercise 44 videos
    Australian Diabetes Council - Chair Exercise 1 video (contains Chair Marching)
    Chair Fitness 1 video
    Sparkpeople Free Diet and Fitness Program 6 videos
    Sparkpeople 10 videos
    Gentle Fitness 3 videos
    ChairDancing 11 videos
    Aqua Aerobics Exercises 13 videos
    Stronger Seniors with Anne Burnell 31 videos
    Exercise 3 videos (why exercise?_)

    I'm sure you can find something exciting in there to keep you busy until you heal. Here's hoping it helps in some way. Have a great day!


    2249 days ago
    I just received the book "The Spark" about this website - from the library. I was reading it this morning and thought of you. In the beginning of the book it mentions a woman that was wheel-chair bound and through SparkPeople she was able to lose 50 pounds. So - if she was able to do it - have hope that you can too - while you wait for your body to heal. Perhaps do a search for exercises for people with foot injuries as well would help.

    Hope you find what you are looking for!

    2249 days ago
    I am SO sorry to hear of your injury! The best I can come up with for exercise, is free weights. What about core work like crunches, leg extensions?

    You have been there for me through my difficult time, so I am honored to return the favor. (That is what friends are for, especially Spark Friends!) So, I'm here for you!!
    emoticon emoticon
    2249 days ago
    It's not easy when you are injured - and the important thing is to let yourself heal so you can get back in there and exercise. So, whatever you do - be careful.

    That being said -

    if you have free weights - there are exercises that can be done while sitting.

    Focus on exercises for your upper body if you can - ones that don't require you to stand so you can rest your leg. While it won't tone your legs or anything - you can still burn calories that way. You could also do leg exercises (while sitting or laying down) but only using the leg that is not injured. This way you won't feel like you have given up on the exercise.

    I can imagine some of the Pilates exercises I do could also be used - if you do a variation of them. If you don't know what Pilates is - or you don't have a video - you probably can find one on Youtube or at your local library. You might want to try that.

    Try your best with what you are able to do. No, with that said - perhaps you can take this time to focus on the other aspects of being healthy. If you have the time you could learn about cooking healthier. You could also push yourself to make healthier eating choices - and if you are counting calories - trying to make sure you stay within your limits.

    Don't focus a lot on what you can't do - but try to figure out creative ways to do something different. I'm sure you can do it - and I'd love to hear what you come up with!

    Here's hoping you get better soon!


    2249 days ago
    The first thing I thought of was strength training-maybe see if SP has an upper body workout you could do. Or some yoga stretches for the upper body. Any movement is good.

    Also maybe trying to focus more on your nutriition right now, esp. since you need
    good foods for healing.

    And try focusing on other goals until you heal-one day you'll be able to move again,
    but for now, is there anything you'd like to try, a new hobby-knitting, reading etc.
    Seems I remember something about you writing, maybe now's the time to focus on that, hey write us a book!

    I know healing requires a LOT of patience but you'll get there! Glad you're here-keep Sparking!!

    2249 days ago
    I wish I did. Your problem must be very frustrating. How long will the recuperation take?
    2249 days ago
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