Book Review

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This review is for the book Goddess Holle: In Search of a Germanic goddess by Gardenstone. I came to paganism via witchcraft. I kept reading I needed a goddess (now I know wicca is the first contact most people have and know better) so I looked to Germany as I was trying to connect with my ancestors. I found I had a strong connection to Holda almost immediately and have found she is hard to pin down and is not necessarily popular. Often conversation on pagan boards leads to "Who is Holle" and her association with Freya, Frigg and Hela. For me this book gives me a logical, reliable source(s) to say wait, this is why I think she stands on her own.

Often northern pagan means Norse pagan and as someone who is focused on the Germanic perspective I found this book to really help solidify my relationship with a truly Germanic goddess. I especially liked the landscape section as I have never been to Germany and it was probably the most fun part to read.

Some of the pictures were completely black. That is really my only gripe. I loved this book and feel my ability to honor Holda is more clear than ever.

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