What is your biggest fear?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just watched last night's Biggest Loser and the theme was facing your fears. It really got me thinking about what my biggest fear was. I wondered if others faced the same fears. So this morning I'm going to share mine and hopefully others will share theirs as well and together maybe we can find a way to overcome them. So here goes....
My biggest fear is actually a few all wrapped into the same basic principle. I fear letting down the people that I love and I fear that I will never know what it's like to feel like I accomplished something, that I have done something right. I have an equal fear of both success and failure. Failure for the above reasons and success because I fear never coming to a day when I succeed and actually recognize it. I wake and end each day feeling like I failed and it doesn't really matter what good things happened during the day. I know I could be so much more than I am, that I could give my family so much more than I am, that I could accomplish so much more than I have but I honestly don't know where to start and am so overwhelmed that I end up doing next to nothing toward that end. I've been trying to hard to stay on track with the weight loss thing but I don't see a lot of results. I go to the doctor this week and so I will find out if I have lost any weight or if I am still fighting a losing battle. The problem with doing what needs to be done to find success in every area that I am lacking in is that it requires me to add more, much more to my already overrun schedule, my already depleted energies and motivation, my already uber stressful life. So much of my life is under the control of someone else right now and I'm not doing well with that. So much rides on my shoulders and I am just not getting the job done an any front.

So that's my really pathetic and depressing share for today.. emoticon

Anyone else? Would love to hear what everyone else is facing.

At any rate, got motivation from The Biggest Loser, Both teenagers actually spoke to me this morning, ate a healthy breakfast, drank some water, straightened the kitchen and took a walk..so off to a good start to make the day a success. Off to work....I need to kill this today...TUWANDA!

Have a great day!
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    Thanks so much. I think a lot of my issue is that I am a perfectionist and seeing that my loved ones are doing without the things I want them to have but they are happy and healthy and my husband would tell you that I am a great success. I think depression definitely is an issue for me but it's getting better. I am stretched WAY too thin and have this horrible roadblock that when I can't accomplish everything I want then I tend to just do the minimum which makes it worse in the long run. Thanks for your comments and advice. I am definitely taking it all under advisement.
    2457 days ago
    Hi Lisa,
    A common definition of Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. That may be what you are suffering from. False evidence that you have chosen to believe is real. The false part being that you aren't doing anything. You may desire to be more productive but you are doing a lot already (home, family, and providing through the job).

    All of us really only have today in our control. If you don't like your life, take control and make changes but live your life and enjoy it. Define a plan and take action on it. Sometimes you'll get through the whole plan and sometimes there is a lot left over. Same 24 hour limit for all of us.

    It sounds like you might be dealing with depression. There is a great SP blog on depression. Find it and make those changes as a start for your action plan. We are here along the way of your journey to encourage, give ideas, offer hope, and pray. All of those have come your way today.
    2457 days ago
    Thank you ladies. AGK did you know the show the biggest loser on www.nbc.com/biggestloser? They show the entire episode starting at about 6 am the following day. thats usually how I end up watching it too.
    Thoms, thank you. I haven't really found a work out buddy until recently and its so hard to do it on your own. I like to work out alone but it does help to have it be like a little outing with others tool. Keep up the great work!! WE all can do it!!
    2457 days ago
  • AGK3112
    Biggest Loser is also one of my favorite show although I am not able to watch it all the time. Because my family is watching international channel all the time. So it is not that I get to watch it but I do get updates online.It is great to follow the show and also think about how things are going in contestant's life. It does make us think that what is going on.

    One of my biggest fear is to start anything. I always push myself more then twice to start or to just a make a step toward things. Once I start I am ok half time but half time I am still worry till things are done correctly.

    I am looking forward to fight my fear. I wish you the same.
    2457 days ago
  • THOMS1
    emoticon I too watched the biggest loser last night and found it very motivating. Like Gina I too have a fear of closed in places like a coffin and not being able to breath. I also have a fear of gaining all the weight I have lost back. I am away from home right now and my nutrition and exercise buddy is not with me. I miss that. I try to stay on track but without my buddy it is very hard. That would be another fear not knowing what it would be like to be without her full time for ever. I have to rely on myself and myself alone. I think it is time to change my attitude yet again about weight loss and get back to leading a healthy lifestyle as I lose sight of that sometimes. By the way great blog. emoticon
    2457 days ago
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