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Getting the Pout Out

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ick. Ima little down today but I'm sure I will be flying high again tomorrow. Or the next day. I'm sure it is just a natural reaction to things not going as planned / expected. I really thought the dental zoom whitening made a HUGE difference with my teeth...especially the one crown that is obviously grey next to the others. It's been eleven days and not one person has said a single thing...even the one or two that I told I was going to do it. I'm still glad I did it but I won't do it again unless I decide to give up coffee. Not very likely.

So I said from the beginning that I would pay to get the crown redone as white like the surrounding teeth since it WAS so obvious to me. I even took into account that insurance would possibly call it cosmetic and not pay even tho they pointed out that it has a chip and they keep telling me I am grinding my teeth either while awake or asleeo because they fit so perfectly together. Whatever. Anyway, I was actually prepared to pay more to make the one tooth white than I paid on the whole dental zoom but when a dentist gives you a TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLAR treatment plan including four front top crowns just because the teeth are wider than they are long and something about trimming the gums...I start feeling like I am being taken as a sucker.

For one thing, I have a feeling that twelve thousand DOESN'T include the two crowns in the back that I NEED to get redone due to packing and I'm sure it doesn't include the BRACES he tried to talk me into either. When I wouldn't buy that, he tried to get me into the four top front crowns for six thousand. ALL I WANTED WAS THE ONE GREY TOOTH FIXED!!! He wanted me to schedule a dental cleaning and then book majorly. Funny how I KNOW their website said they do a dental cleaning before the zoom and it's included in the price but I was so gung ho that I didn't question them not doing it. I can bet they aren't planning on giving me a free cleaning now. I was proud of myself for overcoming his disappointment in me and stating I only wanted to do the three crowns I felt were needed. Grey baby and two in back. If I cover everything with new crowns, why did I pay for dental zoom!?!?!?!?

Then they gave me the estimate. After the third visit, you woulda THOUGHT they would know about my insurance and have sent in on the xrays they talked me into that took away all the savings of their online special but you would be wrong. Also, I know crowns are expensive. I've had them before. I really like this dentist and all of his staff but I really do think he is tacking on about forty percent to his bills. She emailed me a new treatment plan for three crowns that insurance WOULD cover and I'd still be out right at three thousand dollars. The last ones I got were about five hundred dollars out of pocket. And did I mention they don't take credit cards? Cash or check to be cashed that day. Also, it is WAY on the other side of town. Actually in another "city" but we have so many bumcjed in together, I actually don't live in the "city" I say I live in and that I address my mail from. The point is, there are dentists close enuf to my house that I could walk to them if I had to.

Suffice it to say, by the time I left I had decided that one grey tooth wasn't so noticeable after all. They sent another estimate with over seven hundred dollars for that one crown alone and if he hadn't thought he could talk me into an entirely new mouth and made me wait so long for the zoom to start fading, he would have gotten that much out of me for sure. Woulda coulda shoulda. Not anymore. The shoulda got me while I was gung ho. The shoulda thought about the distance I was driving to be dissappointed. And they dang sure well shoulda taken into consideration that I am a night person and I made this special trip at eight in the morning to have him try to talk me into braces at this late date.

On top of the fifteen paragraphs about my dental dissappointment, as soon as I got to work the wind turned to ice and picked up to over 35 miles per hour with gusts over fifty miles per hour and six hours later, it hasn't stopped. I laid out and got a tan at the cabin yesterday. Supposed to be the coldest weather yet this weekend. My boy's unit just called to let me know a pipe broke in the ceiling pouring water out but maintenance is on their way. They had two or three other busted pipes sraying out water on the day shift too. I signed up to be on call this weekend but it's gonna take a WHOLE lot of guilting to get me to sign up to work one of the Sarurday's they still need to fill because of Jared quitting. MAYBE the 23 rd or 30th but it WILL take a lot of guilting. I'm GOING to my concerts! Or at the very least the one with Zack...

So I got my check stub for the first check after my supposed raise. The increase in taxes and retirement etc brought it back down to what I was already getting. Figures, right? It really isn't so bad. Think how much I am savimg by keeping this grey tooth! I didn't show any weight loss today but I expect TOM to work it all out in the end. I did still lose inches from everywhere except calves including an inch off my turkey arms and three quarters of an inch off my turkey waddle neck. This monthly pic I wasn't thinking and stood with my feet almost together and you can still see a huge space between my thighs. My first pic, they were overlapping and my feet were far apart. Stupidly, I packed up the size 24s I was wearing but I tried on some 22 shorts yesterday and it was hilarious. Still need to dig out the biggest ones for that iconic pic that waiting for.

I should always remember to ask Zack first before I freak over technical problems. I ordered more aps for the nook because I hate having to adjust pdf sizes on every page and tired of being forced into their method for sorting pix. They just kept telling me to download them over and over. This has happened many times before but in between it would work so I would just write them off as losses since they were cheap. Thing is, if you don't use something and put it into archives, you have to re-download so I was very upset over buying a second pdf reader that wouldn't download. Then comes Zack...They only allow a certain amount of space for un-archived aps and it's LESS than the amount of space they tell you that you have! After archiving more stuff I was actually able to open Bejewelled for the first time after buying it over a year ago! Needless to say, it is now eight pm and I still haven't used the pdf reader cuz I was playing Bejewelled and doing this gripe fest.

Talk about addicted...I'm REALLY addicted to Song Pop on facebook. If you can't name that tune in less than three seconds, you might as well hang it up. I started trying to get people I knew to play against me but I have found you get more play by challenging the people the game says have the same music interests. I just noticed yesterday that one of my new peeps lives in the town where we have the cabin...after we got home from being at the cabin. We got tons accomplished. Ron planted 25 canna bulbs by the shed, seeds from my mom's unknown tree, red cypress seeds, 3 yucca around the stump we will eventually put the wishing well on where some native plants that look yucca-ish are already growing, and pink, white, and purple rose of sharons on the plowed clean neighboring lot side of the deck. They grow very tall so I am looking forward to them eventually blocking the "view" of the burn pile that has already been sitting there for three months.

WE did our burning. Ron was hoping it would do something to our other big stump but all it did was turn it black. Still, I got rid of a bunch of boxes from the camp trailer and documents and checks ets from accounts that have been closed for fifteen years. Or more. We put together and installed an awning for the back porch so that rain doesn't ruin the bedroom floor. We got a cheap mattress for the loft so we will have a place to sleep when we take Ron's mom to the cabin and now we can figure out some kind of railing so I'm not afraid of landing on the floor. I refused to buy him another ladder like he already has though. Instead we bought a hundred dollar picnic table on impulse and that is probably gonna be my favorite and most used recent purchase. Member me talking bout laying out and getting a tan? Picnic tables are extremely versatile.

The best part of the whole weekend was watching Ron use scissors to cut bermuda grass and then stick it in dirt on the other side of the cabin. He has decided we don't have to buy any pallets of grass as he had first intended because we are going to transplant it in this fashion. He also went to one of the abandoned lots and got me another baby pine tree that he centered between the other baby pine and my bigger favorite that the neighbor suggested we get rid of. I am reading a hilarious book called Coma by Tom Hayes which is also neat cuz part of it takes place in my home town. That's pretty cool. It's written like a screen play and has only just now started to get funny. Sorta like a Stephen King vibe to it.

Check him out! Scissors in one hand, grass in another!

Took this pic from the suntanning picnic table...before the Ice Queen took over today
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    I hate everything Dental--it seems lie it always costs more than they say it will and it just seems so wrong to have to shell ot thousands, just for our dumb teeth! UGH!

    Jon is annoyed because he had a tooth he had been getting tooth aches in and they told him he needed a root canal & crown.They did temp and it fell out within about a week, only to be in pain again--so this last two times was oreo and then last time they said they had finished the root canal & the crown would be next. The next day, the same tooth thatwas feeling better after the previous work, was now hurting again--AFTER a root canal! Supposedly a root canal removes the nerves, so how come it should be hurting again now?!? And of course we all know how much money we have been paying, only to still be in pain! UGH!
    1878 days ago
  • LWLAR7
    Dont give up
    1878 days ago
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