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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well, my computer is graciously allowing me to blog so hopefully I remember what it is I'm supposed to say.

It's been a little nuts around here. I've been doing some online schooling and that's been going well. I pat myself on the brain now for doing online this semester and I'll tell ya why.

I originally did it because hubby was due for a back surgery on February 13. We've been waiting quite some time for the VA to kick in and get hubby that surgery and at last we thought we had made progress. We thought. The doc changed his mind and sent us to someone else.

At least, that's our theory. He called us into Travis AFB to say "I can't get a hold of the other surgeon to help me so I'm sending you to Sacramento to a real doc. Thanks for playing!" Soooooo, trying to get the VA to pay for the referral and not have to get a NEW MRI and a NEW muscle junction test and a NEW... Just give the man his surgery! He's had a broken (literally) back for seven years! Fix it!!

AND, he's been stressing about the job situation. It finally made the news that his unit will be no longer. The date is set for his job to be gone by September, but he and his boss have been diligently working on assigning people to other bases or jobs as they come available. To say morale at the base is at an all time low is probably and understatement. I guess one guy had a Congressman come up, shake his hand and say "thanks for serving son I really appreciate it" and when the guy said "really sir? Then can you help us out by cutting your pay with ours so it doesn't hit as hard?" Well, you can imagine what the fellow did. Gave him a look and turned right on his heels.

This is why I personally am a firm believer in you can't vote for a Commander in Chief of the Military (aka President) when the person has never even served. It's like putting a McDonald's manager in charge of Microsoft. The ideas may be great, but unless you've been working there and know what you're doing, don't apply. It's why I voted McCain. He's served and I wish he would've run again (without Palin preferably)....Obama has not. I wonder if I could start a petition for that.

BUT....here's what's making ME nervous. Hubby and I just bought this house. Now, we probably could make it on his VA disability and unemployment and what I bring in and survive. But, he's looking at jobs in Washington or Travis AFB. I'm thnking to myself "why"? My thoughts are we need to take care of his back and heck maybe he can sort of retire for the next 2-4 years pending what he owes (we have separate accounts now......and I LOVE it) Maybe I could get a job to help out more while HE stays home. The middle one will have her license this summer...But to contemplate taking a job in Washington and living with his parents. I don't know.....I smell trouble all over that. I don't think it will happen, but I don't particularly care for the thought of it either.

My daughter had her 21st birthday. She had her friend from Chicago visit her. He seems nice. A little too "charming" but nice :) Let's put it this way, I can see WHY she's gaga over him and my heart aches a little for her. All you Mom's out there are nodding with understanding, I'm sure of it.

ANYWAY, we took her to the casino AT midnight with her two friends. We bought her her very first legal drink. As, like I said, we weren't feeling well she never even finished it. LOL BUT she did get to gamble a bit and won $70!! Happy Birthday to her!!

She was feeling better after a rough night of nausea. We have this weird thing. If we don't get a full 8 hours of sleep, we vomit. I know. weird, but there it is......it's always been that way and everyone thinks we're nuts but it's true and very consistent...if we're up late **puke** especially ESPECIALLY if there's any stress such as finals week or ya know, losing a job.....need I say more? LOL Anyone ever heard of this at all or is it just me and my girls that have this lucky thing? So, to say we are not much of party animals LOL I've just always had kind of a heart palpitation thing with slight queezie....but Panda, she just gets sick on little sleep.

So, with all that going on and with a cheer competition Every Single Weekend in February my Day 1 is back on. But, I don't feel "bummed" because I'm not being lazy or sedentary. On the contrary, I walk, I am always moving, I still try to watch what I'm eating.....even in Vegas. My weight is starting to fluctuate back down to 175 which is good cuz it was creeping right back up to the 180s fast.

OH and the cheer competitions: undefeated. AND my friend's daughter on the other side of the country has been doing cheer comps too. This is her first year so it was really REALLY cool to be texting each other from across the country, both of us watching our daughter's team take first.

Yes. A LOT of rambling. but, I'm all caught up and ya now know why my emotional roller coaster has left my blogs and statuses a little sporadic.

Oh, I downloaded My fitness Pal or something like that to my phone. All my friends and several Sparkies have been mentioning it so I thought what the heck....only it wants my Facebook info. Can I do it without FB because I NEVER want them to see what I am (or mainly NOT) doing. LOLOLOL

OH!! I almost forgot. Hubby bought me a daily calendar and I've been writing in it this past week on every hour what I'm doing. Now, I've looked at it and was able to determine if I had any wasted time (no) LOL but I did have mismanagement of some time. So this week I will be trying to schedule my calendar a little better with stickers and a menu. I even made an appt in there to do my run as soon as I drop off my kids at school and BEFORE my own homework (I had kept trying to prioritize wrong) Let's see how this week goes :o) I will make this work dang it.

And I'm starting to feel better from this sinus head cold thing. One full bottle of Robittusen in two days later.

ah yeah....that's all I can remember right now. I'm off to bed and I'll get back on here tomorrow after a quick run.

S"eya" later!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hmmm wish I could puke after less than 8 hours of sleep. Maybe I'd lose more weight??

    oh wait... you're on here anyway to lose weight. my bad!

    Not sure about that or what it means, other than get to bed early!? or maybe you need to eat some little bit of protein before you go to bed to keep blood sugars from doing weird stuff to your tummy? (kinda like when I was preggers ??).

    and here it is nearly one month later, for the Passover moon!!

    Gotta scamper!


    1885 days ago
    YES....it was SO much fun to have you to talk to all day on Sat. I'm so happy that Sammy wants to continue with the Cheer. We have a pep assembly today at school that I will be going to. Hopefully I can get a lot more pictures to replace the ones that were deleted! I'm going to scan the one that I bought and send them out with the 8th grad graduation stuff in a month or so. Just waiting for a nice day to go take pictures because we are going to make little "save the date" magnets for her graduation day, as there are not announcements for that.
    There is an option to stop your feeds from fitnesspal to FB....let me know if you need me to tell you how.
    Love you Sis!!
    1910 days ago
    I hear ya on not electing presidents who have never served--they just have no idea! I hope your honey can get his back fixed, thats just awful!
    1910 days ago
    That is so weird about the no sleep and the puking thing. I have never heard of anything like that. That must not be pleasant.

    I really hope your hubby can get the surgery he needs and soon.

    Sounds like your daughter is enjoying her cheering.

    Glad to read your blog. It has been awhile.
    1911 days ago
    Holy cow! Fingers crossed that things work out. Your poor husband. I can feel your frustration for him in your blog. I hope they sort out this mess soon.

    And YES...I get sick when I'm over tired, too! Though I don't have the 8 hour thing...I frequently get by on less (something I need to work on) but when I'm down and out and exhausted, yep...the nausea hits and sometimes I do get sick. I also find I'm more prone to getting carsick when I'm overly tired.

    You keep on keeping on, okay? The fact that you're here and still trying to make this work while going through all of this is just amazing to me. You really are an inspiration!

    emoticon emoticon

    1911 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Wow! Crazy busy! You'll have a friend here if you move to Washington!! Lewis-McCord?

    I hope you guys are able to figure everything out. I can't imagine how stressful that is! I hope things go well when he does FINALLY get the surgery. I'll be looking for updates!!

    emoticon emoticon
    1912 days ago
    Good luck with everything--I hope it all works out!
    1912 days ago
    You have been crazy busy! Congrats to your daughter! Hope you are having some fun and me time in all that!
    1912 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life as well. You and your family will be in my thoughts. As for the staying up late thing... Last Thursday, there was a sleep over for the neighborhood kids (there are 4 families that are close - 1, her children are grown, another has 3 kids ages 5-10, another with an adult child, a 10 year old, and an 8 year old, and then me (2 grown, and the 7 year old). One of the mom's said her kid will throw up if she stays up too late. She'll get a slight headache first and if she doesn't go to bed right away, the puking will start.
    1912 days ago
  • BOPPY_
    Good luck with all the chaos swirling around you.
    1912 days ago
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