busy day, some smart decisions food wise and kind of put my brother in his place

Monday, February 25, 2013

Okay so had a guy come over to see if the washer could be fixed it can't emoticon but was having a problem with the fridge and that could be fixed so that was at least good news. I made some smart decisions today as far as eating I bought some apples the other day and blueberries and have been putting the blueberries in my oatmeal in the morning with a little bit of honey. I had a apple a little while ago cause I was craving something and when I was craving something earlier I had broccoli and cheese hahaha so I definitely got my fruits and veggies in today haha. It's tough cause I'm a strawberry girl and they aren't in season and it's tough to find any that are even edible right now, strawberries I can eat like candy.
I went to see my dad today they think he has gout now, if it's not one thing it's another and I went to see the case worker and gave her a pamphlet on a battery operated oxygen tank that he'll need once he's out of the home.
I was shocked to see my aunt there she's only visited her brother once and that was when he was on the respirator and then today. She left and then I saw my both brothers pulling in one with MY DADS CAR!!!! I told him hey looks who is coming to visit you with your own car ( he's been using it when he feels like it same brother that had said to my mother a few years ago give me dads keys he's not going to need them anymore ya I know this is my family).
My dad stuck up for him at first saying oh well the car has to be driven and then when my brother came he said hey I don't want you putting miles on that car and spoke up (about time) I was shocked because he doesn't usually.
One brother brought him cabbage and corn beef (he had just had chow mien from my aunt and was full) the other brought him cow cheese (dad likes that with lots of salt and he's on a no salt diet) so my brother says to him in front of me surprise I brought you salt!
He gave it to my dad and I said give me that, my dad didn't want to and I said your never going to get out of here if you eat this crap your not suppose to have salt and I gave it right back to my brother (same brother that buys him candy bars and locked him out of the house on Christmas and just throws food in the fridge for him).
I honestly don't care if he got upset he should know better and then I found out my dad is on Flagyl and my dad has been asking for a beer, I made it clear in front of my brother's not to bring him in a beer cause he can get deathly ill having any form of alcohol with that med. I purposely said it in front of the one that brought the salt in because he's a drinker and would bring him in the beer.
He kept saying to my dad when you coming home I felt like saying why so you can give him crap and I won't know about it?
I made sure he left before me cause I know he'd of given him the salt and my dad would of eaten the cheese. I said in front of my other brother I can't believe he brought in salt for him, he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say I know.
What is wrong with my brother? Is he trying to kill my dad? I don't know what to think of him I never thought he was so mean spirited and devious but he's either got his head up his butt or he honestly doesn't care at all about him.
I left my dad the pepper but took the salt shaker home, I don't care if my brother got upset he's just lucky I didn't explode on him cause I've honestly had enough of my brothers!
Oh and finally got the nook going for my son , we're green horns when it comes to technology hahaha we had to go to the barnes and noble store for wifi I said where do we hook it up ? she said it's in the air hahahaha OMG am I showing my age or what?????? haha well he bought a few books with his gift card he was given for Christmas and now we know we can go to dunkin donuts or starbucks for free wifi hahaha that's good , I totally felt stupid at the store when this young salesclerk said it's in the air hahahahaha
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    I am glad that you stood your ground! I hope that you have a good day!
    1939 days ago
    family can be such a trial. . .and then such a blessing. . .depends on which cycle you're in.
    1940 days ago
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