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Monday, February 25, 2013

There is something fascinating about lightning. When I was young we would be at the cottage and watch a storm go around the lake, lighting up the sky and making things look different in that flash of light, that you always knew was there but had never seen it in that "light"

I think of lightning with a bit of fear. It is something powerful and dramatic. "Get out of the water... there's lightning!" "Don't stand under a tree in a lightning storm!" "Count the seconds from the flash to the crash to see how close the lightning was!... "wow that was close!" you say as the ground trembles and the thunder is right on top of a light that has seared onto the back of your eyelids. Yes, you have to respect it and play by the rules, but it is certainly amazing to be in a lightning storm.

Lightening is also a catalyst for change. The parched earth excited at the rain that may approach with the storm in the distance. The overgrown forest that finds room for a new ecosystem because of a fire the lightning has sparked. And speaking of sparks... isn't lightning charged SPARKS of electricity? Clouds may look fluffy and innocent, but they are actually active places. At their most exciting, they can create the wondrous effect of lightning. Lightning is a discharge of atmospheric electricity. Triggered by a buildup of charges within a cloud. So team yellow lightning... we are that cloud with wonderous things going to happen!

I am picturing all the activity in my body... all those cells changing ever so slightly and then BAM a pound is gone, lol. You don't often see lighting go UP so I want to be like lightning and always go DOWN. I am picturing my workouts going steady, steady, steady... and then just for a minute putting on a burst of speed and giving it my all... heart rate up there and muscles crying for a break.. a quick burst of power. BAM! The amazing powerful me. So... next challenge that is my goal. To try and get those lightning bursts of energy each workout. And reminding myself that after every storm there is a cleanup needed so I need to STRETCH and REHYDRATE after every workout. Because change is coming!

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